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Stalking Albert Hadley

09 . 27 . 07

I thought you might all get a kick out of this photo I took the other day to send to Patricia Gray, the fabulous Canadian interior designer who has a major crush on Albert Hadley. I’ve joked with her in the past about how I see him standing outside his office every morning smoking his […]

Franki over at Life in a Venti Cup was sweet enough to interview me recently for her lovely blog and today she has posted it! Very exciting if I do say so myself! She asked some very thoughtful and interesting questions that were really fun to answer. Unfortunately, I’m not tech savvy enough to figure […]

Chic at Sotheby’s

09 . 25 . 07

We buy a lot of things from auctions for our clients so I’m often perusing the catalogs. Even if you don’t buy anything, I think they are a great resource for design ideas and a reference for custom pieces. There’s a great photo of Kelly Wearstler from her book Domicilium Decoratus of her lying around […]

Chic Inspiration

09 . 25 . 07

This is a multi-faceted post. One that yet again illustrates the close connection between fashion, art and design, and in this particular instance, perfume. I’d been hearing a lot about the new scent that Aerin Lauder created for the Estee Lauder company called Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. It’s based on a private collection perfume that […]

Fall is the best time of year for many reasons, one of them being all the new museum exhibitions that are opening. I hope to write about many of them in the coming weeks but I thought I would begin with one spectacular exhibition first, The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947 – […]

I Heart Assouline

09 . 24 . 07

I love books! As does everyone in the blog world it seems, which is why I thought I’d take a moment to profile one of the chicest luxury publishers ever, Assouline. It’s surprising that the company was only created by Proper Assouline about ten years ago. For some reason, it seems like they have been […]


09 . 22 . 07

Why did summer go so quicklyWas it something that I saidLovers walking along the shoreLeave their footprints in the sandWas the sound of distant drummingJust the fingers of your handPictures hanging in a hallwayAnd a fragment of this songHalf remembered names and facesBut to whom do they belongWhen you knew that it was overWere you […]

It’s Domino Day!

09 . 21 . 07

This morning, I was checking out Domino online when I stumbled upon a House Tour with designer Barrie Benson. I didn’t really realize who she was until I started recognizing the amazing design job she did for the home of Charlotte boutique owner Laura Vinroot Poole that was published in the February 2007 issue. Then […]

Chic and the City

09 . 20 . 07

It’s pretty much an unwritten rule that New Yorkers do not stare at celebrites or ask them for autographs. We don’t even blink when we see a movie being shot as we walk by. That’s just how it is. But yesterday, I almost had a total freak out when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker walk […]

I think I mentioned once before that my study of art history has left me with a pretty good photographic memory. I think it was all that memorizing for compare and contrast exams. So this is probably the reason that I kept noticing very similar artwork in the homes profiled in quite a few magazine […]

Chic Chinoiserie

09 . 18 . 07

I’m sure you’ve all read over at Style Court that it’s Asia Week. All the serious collector’s are in town this week for the auctions, gallery shows and other events. Christie’s was hopping on Sunday when I stopped by to check out what was up for auction, as was Sotheby’s. Another great place for fans […]

When I was looking for Jeremiah Goodman illustrations yesterday, I came across one he did of Diana Vreeland’s living room. I had been meaning to write a little post about the grand dame of fashion for a while and now seemed like the perfect opportunity. I also think it’s another example of the world of […]

Carolina Herrera often cites artists as her inspiration. A few years back it was French photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue. This season, it’s the interiors illustrator extraordinaire Jeremiah Goodman and his book Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision. Can you think of anything more chic?! It’s also the perfect example of the way fashion, art, and interior design often […]

It’s a little dreary in New York this morning so I think I little shopping might be in order today but before I go, I thought I would tell you about a few of my new favorite things. Enjoy! J. Crew Enamel Bracelets – These bracelets are fabulous and affordable! Plus, they come in a […]

Just one more fashion related post. Oh, who am I kidding, I might have a few more left. But they’re all fabulous so you can’t be too bored. The man of the hour this time is the always fashionable Robert Burke, who used to do something terribly important and have a ridiculously long title at […]

I’d never heard of Hunt Slonem until I read the most fascinating article about him, Southern Gothic, in the New York Times. Mr. Slonem is a New York artist whose passion for art and mansions is also chronicled in the new book “Pleasure Palace: The Art and Homes of Hunt Slonem.” The word eccentric was […]

I Heart Gilles Mendel

09 . 13 . 07

A little while back, I saw two small photos of bachelor Gilles Mendel’s apartment and was dying to see more. Luckily for me, the October 2007 issue of Elle Decor has a whole spread dedicated to the designer and CEO of J. Mendel, his family’s company that was founded in 1870. Talk about chic! J. […]

Letter from the Editor

09 . 13 . 07

Today marks the official end of Fashion Week in New York. I think the fashion editors who have to attend all the shows are probably pretty happy for the break, although, the next step in the process is the market appointments, where they go to the showrooms to see the clothes in person, so technically […]

Michelle Smith, the designer behind the clothing line Milly, has created an an apartment that is just as fun and flirty as her clothes. I love going to Bergdorf Goodman on a Saturday and checking out all the fun dresses in bold patterns and colors and I really loved checking out Michelle’s 1920’s home in […]

I can’t tell you how much I love Loeffler Randall shoes. Every season, I check out their line sheets and wish I could buy every pair. In a city where everyone is wearing the same old Louboutins, they area a breath of fresh air. The married designing duo, Jessie Randall and Brian Murphy, have had […]