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I have travel on the brain this week. I think it’s because I wish I was going somewhere exotic for Labor Day weekend instead of Pennsylvania, which is where I am actually going. I was also originally going to tell you about another hotel in Florence but it’s small and actually very reasonably priced and […]

So, I failed to mention earlier what I was doing with the rest of my Friday. Well, this morning I was touring the Charlotte Moss Townhouse with none other than Charlotte Moss herself and her wonderful assistant Cathy! Go ahead. Take a moment to hate me. I know you want to. I would hate me […]

Last week, in a small post about bathrooms, I included a few photos of the fabulous white bathroom of David Jimenez that was included in a profile of his Kansas City home in the August issue of House Beautiful magazine. Soon after, I received a comment on my blog from David’s friend Zim Loy, an […]

I Heart New York!

08 . 14 . 07

We are having the most glorious weather today in New York! The sun is shining. It’s warm but not too hot. There is no humidity. Everyone is happy and smiling. It’s an I Heart New York Day! As opposed to an I Hate New York Day when it’s raining and you can’t find a cab. […]

The staircase in the back of the first floor leads directly into the dining room on the second floor. There was a main dining table above and the little breakfast table below. All set with the most exquisite china from France. I love how everything was decorated for summer with light colors and patterns and […]

As a treat for all my new blogger friends, I decided to visit the new Charlotte Moss Townhouse. I have been reluctant to do so until recently since they are a competitor and also because I interviewed with them this past spring and have just barely recovered from the experience. I won’t go into all […]

I spent this past weekend in Southampton and the old adage “red sky at night, sailor’s delight” really is true. We saw the most amazing sunset Saturday night and on Sunday the weather was just gorgeous! I need to work harder so I can afford a beach house on Meadow Lane with a view this […]

I Married Adventure

07 . 11 . 07

If there is one book that is prized above all others for it’s beautiful cover, it’s Osa Johnson’s I Married Adventure. It’s part of my library above and is often styled for magazine shoots like the Vogue photo montage below. Besides being chic and pretty, it’s actually a great read! Martin and Osa Johnson lived […]

My First Post!

07 . 10 . 07

Hello! Welcome to Habitually Chic! I am a stylish young woman living in New York City and working for a top interior designer who also owns a small gallery. I am constantly surrounded by habitually chic people, places and things that I have been dying to write about so I finally decided to take the […]