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Tonne Tonne Tonne

09 . 10 . 07

I thought I would continue the “I hate them because their homes are beautiful” theme that has taken over my coverage of the domiciles of the stylish during fashion week with the townhouse of Tonne Goodman and her family. For those of you who don’t know, Tonne is a former model and current fashion director […]

Do you hate Carlos Souza yet? If not, you will after seeing his Rome apartment located in a historic 1860’s building in Piazza Vittorio. This apartment was designed before his New York apartment and is surprising in it’s modernity but not in it’s mix of personal mementos. In the living room above, a Mies can […]

Even though Valentino doesn’t show during New York fashion week, he’s still a huge presence in the city and his Director of Public Relations, Carlos Souza has an apartment here. If you think it was easy to hate Diane von Furstenberg for her amazing homes, then you’re really going to hate Carlos Souza! This native […]

“Feel like a woman…wear a dress!” I love that quote from Diane von Furstenberg. Pretty much sums up her design philosophy and how she made a name for herself. Of course, she married a man with lots of money who funded her little dress business and if that wasn’t enough of a reason to hate […]

It’s Fashion Week!!!

09 . 06 . 07

Today is the first day of Fashion Week! The best week of the whole year to be a girl in New York! There are so many shows, events and parties. Everyone is on top of their style game. It’s fabulous!!! In honor of this special week, I’ve decided to dedicate all of my posts to […]

The only good thing about your family having a house in the middle of nowhere is that it’s only an hour away from one of the most famous houses in America, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, also in the middle of nowhere. I first visited the site over 20 years ago so I thought it was […]

Jail House Rock

09 . 04 . 07

I visited a very historic place this past weekend, but until I get my act together and download my photos, I thought I would tell you about a fun new hotel in Boston. I used to live in the Beacon Hill neighborhood for many years but for some reason, I don’t remember the Charles Street […]

Bon Voyage!

08 . 30 . 07

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend no matter where you are going or how you get there!

I’m sure most everyone has seen the Slim Aarons photo of CZ Guest pictured above but how many of you know the story about the man behind the camera. I posted this photo about a month ago along with a recent photo from H&G that reminded me of the Slim Aarons photo and wondered if […]

I have travel on the brain this week. I think it’s because I wish I was going somewhere exotic for Labor Day weekend instead of Pennsylvania, which is where I am actually going. I was also originally going to tell you about another hotel in Florence but it’s small and actually very reasonably priced and […]

To the Manor Born

08 . 28 . 07

I’ve wanted to travel to Kenya ever since I first saw the movie Out of Africa so I’ve been saving magazine articles and tear sheets for a very long time. Most relate to safaris and fabulous 5 star accommodations since staying in a tent is not my idea of a vacation but a very special […]

J’adore J.Crew!

08 . 27 . 07

I was in love with the J.Crew catalog last month because it was shot in my old neighborhood of Beacon Hill in Boston but this time they are Paris. Now I’m really impressed! Tres chic J.Crew!

So, I failed to mention earlier what I was doing with the rest of my Friday. Well, this morning I was touring the Charlotte Moss Townhouse with none other than Charlotte Moss herself and her wonderful assistant Cathy! Go ahead. Take a moment to hate me. I know you want to. I would hate me […]

Oh, here I go again with two of my favorite things, the color orange and vintage cars, all wrapped into one adorable package. Tina Turner is sitting in one the cutest little cars ever made, a Fiat 500 Jolly. I LOVE these cars and when I’m rich enough to afford a villa in the South […]

Highland Fling

08 . 23 . 07

It’s a grey day in New York today and everything I thought about posting seemed too cheerful after Andree Putman and Chateau Les Merles so I thought I would post a photographic essay of a modernist castle on the moors of Scotland instead. Created by one of the world’s leading architects, Moshe Safdie, the brawny […]

Recently, Anna over at Absolutely Beautiful Things profiled the most gorgeous hotel in France, Chateau Les Merles, that I am absolutely drooling over. I’m sure all of you saw her post but the hotel’s website has so many more beautiful photos online that I just had to share some of them. I hope Anna doesn’t […]

Life with Andrée

08 . 22 . 07

I’m not a huge fan of black and white or neutral interiors but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them when I see them done well. Such is the case of the Paris townhouse designed by the uber-fabulous French interior designer Andrée Putman. She’s so chic she frankly scares me a little bit! I picture […]

To My Shagreen

08 . 22 . 07

I happened to be looking around blogland today and stumbled upon Studio Annetta’s lovely blog to find that she had just profiled one of my favorite design firms, Augousti. Owners Ria and Yiouri are pictured above. You have probably seen their shagreen and snakeskin bags around, as many stores carry them but their furniture is […]

I thought about calling this post Johnson Hartig’s All Grown Up and I’ll explain why in a minute. As many of you probably know by know, Libertine designers Cindy Greene and Johnson Hartig pictured above are profiled in the September 2007 issue of Domino. But what few of you probably remember is that Johnson Hartig […]

I love it when when a great home is profiled by different magazines. It gives me a chance to see different rooms and angles and perhaps notice how certain aspects might have been added or changed. Such was the case with Lisa Perry’s family summer home in North Haven, NY. I profiled this home a […]