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The staircase in the back of the first floor leads directly into the dining room on the second floor. There was a main dining table above and the little breakfast table below. All set with the most exquisite china from France. I love how everything was decorated for summer with light colors and patterns and […]

As a treat for all my new blogger friends, I decided to visit the new Charlotte Moss Townhouse. I have been reluctant to do so until recently since they are a competitor and also because I interviewed with them this past spring and have just barely recovered from the experience. I won’t go into all […]

Picture Pages

08 . 13 . 07

It’s that time of year when the phone book sized September magazines start arriving in my mailbox so this weekend, I decided to clean out the old to make room for the new. At least my stack of magazines isn’t as bad as Domino Editor Tori Mellott’s above. It used to be when I lived […]

I’m sooo glad it’s the weekend! This week has been crazy! I originally started my blog because I was a bit bored at work but now things are picking up and I’m swamped! But it’s all good. Actually, it would be better if I sat at the desk above and had a view of the […]

Philip Gorrivan was recently touted by House and Garden as one of The New Tastemakers and I’m loving his living room pictured above. I think yellow and turquoise is my new favorite color combination. But the more I looked at his designs, the more I kept thinking about David Hicks, whose work is pictured in […]

Yves Klein Part Deux

08 . 09 . 07

Don’t you just hate it when you think you have a great idea for a post and someone beats you to it! I’ve been meaning to write about Yves Klein for awhile now and this morning, who do I see profiled by Nick Olsen over at Domino, but Yves Klein! So, I decided if you […]

Too Chic to Eat!

08 . 08 . 07

My post about the Plaza yesterday reminded me that it will be the first American home of the famous Parisian bakery Laduree. If you’ve ever had a Laduree macaroon, you’ll know why I’m not sure if this is a such good thing. I have a feeling I’m going to log more hours at the gym […]

Apres le Deluge

08 . 08 . 07

It was raining cats and dogs this morning in New York. So much so, that the subway and train tunnels were flooded and stopped running stranding morning commuters. This does not affect me however, since I walk to work but then I also have no excuse for being late to work, which stinks. And on […]

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about lamps outside a house but I love this photo! There is something so surreal about it. Sometimes, you don’t have to love a design to appreciate it or the photographer who took a great photo. This photo by Matthew Hranek is of the Hamptons house of interior […]

While I would never consider myself a Versace kind of girl, I have to admit that I’m loving their interior design and furnishings from the Versace Home Collection in the model apartment at the Plaza in New York. I had only seen a tiny little photo in a magazine so I was excited to see […]

Rare Find Indeed

08 . 07 . 07

Jayson Home and Garden 1885 North Clybourn Chicago, IL 60614 I happened to stumble upon Jayson Home and Garden today and boy was I impressed. They are based in Chicago but they also have an amazing assortment of furniture, accessories and even flowers available on their website. Definitely check out the rare finds section! Even […]

Do Not Disturb

08 . 07 . 07

At first, I thought a post about bathrooms might seem weird but I don’t consider my bathroom pictured below to be any less important than any other room in my home. In fact, when I move, it’s one of the first rooms I put together. So when I ran across the photo above in H&G, […]

California Dreamin

08 . 06 . 07

Everyone seems to think I would hate LA but how bad could a place be that has given us Kelly Wearstler and has weather so nice you can wear flip flops year round? Kelly originally designed Trina Turk‘s first store and I think you can see a hint of her influence in Trina and her […]

Homenature 6 Main Street Southampton, NY 11968 631-287-6277 www.homenature.com/home.swf We custom order furniture from Homenature for our clients all the time but this weekend was my first time checking out their store in person. What a fabulous mix of vintage and contemporary furniture and living accessories! If you’re ever in Southampton, you should definitely stop […]

Art Imitates Life

08 . 06 . 07

While I was sitting on the beach in Southampton this weekend, I was struck by how much the scene and my photos reminded me of the art of Isca Greenfield-Sanders, especially Cloud Beach, mixed media watercolor with colored pencil, from 2005. Isca is the daughter of famed photographer Timothy Greefield-Sanders but she sticks to painting […]

Thank you!

08 . 06 . 07

I want to thank All the Best for her recent profile of Habitually Chic! If she didn’t live so far away, I’d send her flowers but since she does, a photo of flowers will have to suffice. What a nice surprise to come back from a weekend away to so many lovely messages from so […]

Chic at the Beach

08 . 03 . 07

I’m off to Southampton! Bon Weekend!

I couldn’t resist the pun! As you might know from reading my blog, I’m obsessed with many things, including the color orange and vintage cars. Add in the West Village and that pretty much covers the photo above of a carriage house downtown that was completely overhauled by 1100 Architect. The clean modern lines are […]

Show Stopping Stairs

08 . 02 . 07

I think studying art history has left me with a photographic memory. Whenever I see something, I can almost always think of something I’ve seen before that is reminiscent. Such was the case with these two staircases. It might be because that pale robin’s egg blue color is my favorite or maybe it is the […]

Slim Chic

08 . 02 . 07

Anyone who’s obsessed with chic people is keenly aware of photographer Slim Aarons. He takes the most delicious photographs and his vintage books and photographs are highly collectible. He made a career out of what he called “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” And boy did he ever. The above photo of […]