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David Netto’s Chic Progression

by habituallychic

03 . 05 . 08

I have California on the brain this week so after posting Kaufmann House designed by Richard Neutra, I thought it might be fun to see how David Netto‘s style progressed after he moved from New York apartment to a Richard Neutra house in Los Angeles. Above is David and his wife, Elizabeth and their daughter Madelyn as seen in the January issue of Vogue. Rus Meyer wrote the accompanying article which makes me wonder if it had originally been slated for for House & Garden. Although, Vogue profiled David Netto and his then fiancee Ione Skye in 2003 but I’ll get to more about that later.

I think the best thing about living in California and in a Richard Neutra house is the blurred line between indoors and out and the abundance of floor to ceiling windows. Which is perfect since it’s sunny 360 days a year. In the living room above, a Mies van der Rohe daybed and Poul Kjaerholm lounge chairs sit a top a rug that looks suspiciously similar to one in the house Netto shared with Ione Skye which you’ll see coming up. The white sculpture is by John Koga and the wicker ottoman is by Franco Albini.

David wasn’t afraid of color as evidenced by his bright red office above which to me looks like it harkens back to his Upper East Side upbringing. The sofa is by Zanotta and the artwork is by Gregory Crewson, Al Held, Michael Muller and others.

In the dining area that faces the interior courtyard, sits a Jean Prouve table and Jens Risom stools. The lamp is Giacometti and the photograph is by Candida Hofer.
The best thing David Netto ever did for the world of design was create Netto Collection his “line of stylish furniture and accessories for kids and the parents who love them.” I could never understand why all baby furniture and accessories had to be pink and blue. I will definitely be buying it when I have children. The best part is that it’s all eco-friendly and non-toxic and non-VOC emitting!
David’s last house in Los Angeles was the one he shared with Ione Skye when they were together, above. It was originally owned by Ione and now she lives there alone. Vogue profiled the two of them for a 2003 article and Domino published her home in September 2005.

Of course, Ione picked out the IKEA lounge chairs on the pool deck. We all know David has much more expensive taste!

A montage of David and Ione’s New York apartment and LA home above.

You’ll have to excuse the small images but I thought they were too cute not to include. Above is a photo of David and his parent’s taken in East Hampton where they had a house. He admits he had an privileged upbringing and was interested in interior design from a young age. When he was 14, he upholstered his bedroom at 1020 Fifth Avenue in green velvet. His father was also responsible for reviving Cowtan & Tout which David said was “instrumental in fueling the eighties look of glazed chintzes.”

You have to wonder if David’s daughter Kate above or his other daughter Madelyn will follow in his interior design footsteps.

David was the one who overhauled Ione’s home when he moved in. He sanded the floors, painted the whole house white and converted Ione’s studio into the master bedroom. I think the nicest touch are the African touches he added to warm it up like the pillows, baskets and stools.

He also added cozy sheepskin rugs which add texture and Ione’s paintings including the one in the background.

The low dining table is not something that most would try but Ione says it’s inviting and great for kids. Just hope there is someone on hand to help you back up later.

I think you couldn’t help but be inspired if you sat at a red desk like the one in Ione’s office! The photograph above is by John Swope.

In daughter Kate’s room, David converted an Italian bookcase into an armoire which inspired his Netto Collection. He says and I agree, “a child’s bedroom doesn’t need to suffer overly cutesy furniture.”

In the bedroom they shared, a jute rug takes center stage in the calm bedroom.

In the bedroom that is hers alone now, Ione traded out the jute rug for fun stripes and added a patterned coverlet. You can see her hippie making the house her own again.

Before he moved to Los Angeles permanently, David kept his apartment in New York and would commute back and forth. I would be loathe to give up such an amazing apartment on Washington Square too! I think we have all at one time or another discussed how much we love David’s co-mingling of modern furniture and antiques. It really is the perfect mix!
I would kill for a wall of bookcases like his and the Cy Twombly and the Yves Klein coffee table. I love it all. “You’re not living until you have an Yves Klein coffee table” insists David. I’ll remember that!
I especially love the odd assortment of chairs that you know he probably picked up here and there along his travels. “The signature of my work is to make people look like collectors, no matter what they haven’t got,” David says. “That’s how you get personality into a house.”

“I wanted the space to feel like the most beautiful suite on a 1930s French luxury liner.”
“The most elegant interiors are just slightly tatty.”
In the sitting room are a pair of French leather armchairs and a cocktail table from the 1920s, and an 18th-century Swedish drop-front secretary. “I wanted it to feel like a movie set.”

In the kitchen, a Charles X opaline chandelier hangs above a Alvar Aalto table and chairs.

The walls of the master bedroom are covered in a hand-blocked wallpaper mural by Zuber. “It has taken Elizabeth a while to get used to it,” Netto admits, “but I think it’s extremely cool.” It serves as the backdrop for a Jean-Michel Basquiat drawing and a Regency mechanical table. I’m not sure I could have moved to Los Angeles if I owned this apartment! It’s too perfect!

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  1. Hollister H. Hovey March 5, 2008 | 9:05 pm

    The New York apartment is a dream with all that rich leather. And wahoo for the childhood photo. Love it.

  2. Habitually Chic March 5, 2008 | 9:11 pm

    The childhood photo was for you Hollister! I would move into that apartment in a heartbeat!!! I love it!

  3. belinda graham March 6, 2008 | 9:50 am

    So much style! Ione’s house is one of my fave homes Domino has featured. Thanks for these extra pics!

  4. Mrs. Blandings March 6, 2008 | 12:42 pm

    A great, comprehensive post! It was terrific to see all these homes, and the different versions.

  5. Alice Olive March 6, 2008 | 7:05 pm

    Wow, there is so much to take in in this post!

    Have to say I love the Candida Hofer photograph, particularly the way it has been displayed, playing with space and light and proportions.

    Also love the indoor/outdoor blurring – that feels like a real luxury to me. Not in terms of expense but something wonderful to have and appreciate.

    It’s also interesting to see how two creative people ‘lived/styled’ together and then how the individual’s style comes through again.

  6. Joanna Goddard March 6, 2008 | 7:25 pm

    this was really fun to see. he dates some cute women! 🙂

  7. CB March 6, 2008 | 10:02 pm

    I smiled when I saw this post, as I am pretty certain that I still have both the NYC apartment and the old Vogue house features in my “renovation” folders. Mixing it up can be daunting, but Netto does it rather beautifully. If memory serves, in the feature about his (former… so sad!) NYC home, he remarks that keeping things a little “tatty” is a good thing. I try to remind myself of that each time my husband, our terrier or I accidentally do something that creates that “lived in” feeling. Thanks for the extra reminder!!

  8. Habitually Chic March 6, 2008 | 11:51 pm

    Belinda, Ione’s house looks so casual and relaxed. I swear I am moving to California someday!

  9. Habitually Chic March 6, 2008 | 11:52 pm

    Thanks Mrs. Blandings! I had fun putting it all together.

  10. Habitually Chic March 6, 2008 | 11:55 pm

    Alice, It is nice sometimes to give photographs and art room to breathe. I think it looks great there too.

    I think it’s funny that Ione went a bit more hippie after she got her house back. Good for her!

  11. Habitually Chic March 6, 2008 | 11:56 pm

    Joanna, He’s a catch too! A straight man who likes art and design and can decorate. That’s my dream man!

  12. Habitually Chic March 6, 2008 | 11:59 pm

    CB, I love hearing that others have kept the same magazine pages. It’s funny how the images get burned into our memory. I think the best thing about blogging is that you can create a digital archive for those who can’t seem to remember where they put their tear sheets or who are googling a designer.

    I love the tatty quote too. I just had to include it.

  13. All Things Bright and Beautiful... April 15, 2008 | 12:59 pm

    Dear Habitually,

    I had all my post prepared and did a quick david netto and Ione search and to my dismay (that it had already been published) and delight (that there was so such more info on the topic) – linked to your post.

    Hope you enjoy my post (I see it’s linked its self to your post down the bottom here:-).

    Theres some pics that you probably wont have seen efore of Iones place:-)

    Take care:-)