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Everyone has been asking me about the Bachelorette Pad lately so I guess it’s time for an update. I don’t have any new photos but the blue and white Asian pottery in this painting by James McNeill Whistler will make sense in a minute. I met the Bachelorette at Balthazar breakfast Saturday morning where there […]

Amazing Sale at Aero

02 . 11 . 09

I spent most of Tuesday in Soho shopping for clients and spent a lot of my time checking out the amazing sale at Aero. There are some fabulous deals to be had so I recommend checking it out since most of the prices are below cost! Happy Shopping!

When we were in the Hamptons a few weeks ago on an installation we walked by the most amazing home boutique on our way to dinner, Maison 24. Of course it was closed so we pressed our noses against the glass trying to peek at all the amazing treasures inside. Luckily, we finally made to […]

Holiday Sale Time!

12 . 01 . 08

Seems like every store in New York is having a huge sale and now there are fabulous holiday sample sales including Lulu DK. I might have to stop by and pick up some holiday gifts…for myself and others! See you there!

Starting today, the Charlotte Moss Townhouse will prepare for it’s November 25th closing by offering 50% off antiques and 70% off new pieces. Perfect timing for the holidays although, I will be sad to see them close. It’s such a beautiful store! I just hope it doesn’t become something depressing now like a BabyGap!

I swear Duane Reade had their Christmas decorations up even before the Halloween candy was out. The race to be the first annoys me every year. I like to finish one holiday before I begin the next but there is no getting away from the holiday catalogs which is why I especially loved the Neue […]

The most exciting thing about working near Union Square are all the fabulous shops and showrooms in the area! Last week, I stopped into 145 Antiques on 20th Street and was blown away by their lovely furniture and beautiful Italian lamps which they rewire in the backroom. If you stop by, I guarantee you’ll find […]

Perfect Summer Dress!

07 . 26 . 08

I’m not the only person who thinks the Sophie Dress from Club Monaco is the perfect summer dress since the black version pretty much sold out everywhere. Luckily, I managed to snag the white and taupe versions. Paired with a wide belt and sandals, the dress is perfect for work or play. Get one before […]

So, I failed to mention earlier what I was doing with the rest of my Friday. Well, this morning I was touring the Charlotte Moss Townhouse with none other than Charlotte Moss herself and her wonderful assistant Cathy! Go ahead. Take a moment to hate me. I know you want to. I would hate me […]