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Chic in New York: L. Becker Flowers

by habituallychic

06 . 09 . 15

I’ve had L. Becker Flowers on my must visit list for a while. Yesterday, I finally made a pilgrimage to the chicest shop on the Upper East Side. The most ironic thing about of L. Becker Flowers is that there aren’t actually many flowers in the space.

Owner Larry Becker and his partner Roger Crowley assured me that you can get any flowers or plants you would like with 24 hours notice. What I suggest is that you stop by to discuss your arrangement or gift and then pick out some antiques for yourself. They offer the most elegant objects, art, furniture, and things you didn’t know existed but once you see them, you will want to own them like that antique bee hive above. It’s the type of place that is getting increasingly harder to find in New York.

Larry Becker learned his craft at Pulbrook & Gouldin London and at Renny In New York before opening the shop in 1987. And even though some of his clients are the creme de la creme of the city, he and Roger, who practices architecture and design, could not have been nicer. After seeing the selection they had for sale, of course I had to ask if their house was featured in any publications.  Unfortunately, the photos that accompanied an article in The New York Times are not online but there are a few photos in the book, Collected: Living with the Things You Love.

But don’t worry, I’m sure by the time you read this a shelter magazine will already have signed an exclusive on a new feature. Until then, stop by the shop for a taste of what you can expect.

L. Becker Flowers
217 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10021
Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
After hours and weekends by appointment.
L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-002 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-003 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-004 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-005 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-006 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-007 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-008
This long stick opens up to a…
…a ladder. Perfect for small New York apartments.
This 18th-century portrait of a young gentleman might have been my favorite thing in the shop.
L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-013 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-014 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-015 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-016 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-017 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-018 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-019 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-020 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-021

Collected: Living with the Things You Love
L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-022 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-023 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-024 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-025 L-Becker-Flowers-2015-habitually-chic-026
Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic