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Le Petit Trianon

07 . 15 . 10

After visiting Le Petit Trianon on the grounds of Versailles, it’s easy to see why Marie Antoinette would have wanted to escape the formality of court life at this small chateau. While the interiors are as gorgeous as you would expect, it’s the surrounding park and gardens that really steal the show. Enjoy! Photos by […]

Joyeux Bastille Day!

07 . 14 . 10

One of the main reasons that Stefan and I visited Paris last year was to make a pilgrimage to Versailles. It is one of the most gorgeous places on earth and definitely worth the trip. Although I posted many photos of Paris, I never actually posted any of my photos from Versailles. It was so […]

The Louvre

11 . 22 . 09

I just attended an event for the Young Patrons group of the American Friends of the Louvre and thought this would make a good time to post some of photos of this amazing museum! Since our hotel was just across the Seine from the Louvre, we often walked past it and even through it as […]

Pierre Frey in Paris

10 . 12 . 09

While in Paris last month, Stefan and I had a rare treat. After stopping by the Pierre Frey showroom on the rue du Mail, we walked over to the headquarters to see their archives. What we were surprised to learn is that Pierre Frey archive doesn’t just contain Pierre Frey fabrics but fabrics that they […]

Chic Cyclists

10 . 11 . 09

I tired to take photos of all the cyclists I saw while in Paris but most of them came out a little blurry since they were moving! Luckily, I managed to catch these two chic cyclists as they chatted near the rue Royale. Make sure you notice her kitten heels. Tres chic!

Palais Royal

10 . 03 . 09

One of my favorite places in Paris is the Palais Royal and especially the gardens. It’s a lovely tranquil place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Stefan and I actually ate lunch in the garden one day which was a nice treat. It also happens to be home to the celebrated interior […]

Lanvin: Part Deux

09 . 30 . 09

No trip to Paris would be complete without a trip to Lanvin. We are lucky in New York that Barneys and Kirna Zabete carry some pieces of clothing and jewelry but that’s nothing like having entire store full of nothing but Lanvin! It was heaven! Lanvin is known for their creative window displays and we […]

I was just as obsessed with all the beautiful store fronts in Paris as I was with the doors. I fell in love with the hand painted signs and fabulous fonts. They were subtle and most of the time very simple without a neon bulb in sight. Paris didn’t seem to have any empty stores […]

Someone left a comment on my door post that they like to see what lies behind them and I had to laugh. If we saw an open door in Paris, we couldn’t resist peeking in and occasionally taking a photo or two. Even the humblest of buildings had beautiful courtyards or interiors. I saw a […]

Portes de Paris

09 . 14 . 09

Many of the buildings in Paris are built around an interior courtyard which is either reserved for potted plants or parking. The doors or portes that close off these secret spaces became my obsession during the trip. Some look like they are painted and polished once a day while others look as though they haven’t […]

La Seine

09 . 12 . 09

We were lucky enough to stay a half a block from the river Seine while in Paris so we would often stroll along its banks or cross its many bridges everyday. The mood of the river would change according to the light and time of day as well as the weather. When we arrived it […]

Some of my favorite photos from my trip to Paris were a complete accident. Since I have to look through the view finder of my Nikon camera and not at the screen, I didn’t notice it was on the black and white setting until I was half way through the Tuileries. Because it was grey […]

Paris, je t’aime!

09 . 09 . 09

I’m baaack! I actually wish I had stayed in Paris since I had to leave on the most gorgeous summer day and now I am in grey New York. Stefan and I had an amazing time! We walked all over the city and saw so many gorgeous sites. We shopped until we we felt like […]

Je suis fatigué!

09 . 08 . 09

I return from Paris late today, and I’m assuming this is how I’m going to look and feel… minus the impossibly long legs and mountain of Louis Vuitton luggage of course! Can’t wait to post all my photos and fill you in on everything we experienced! Talk with you soon!

Tourist Time

09 . 05 . 09

Right about now, Stefan and I are probably in full tourist mode which will include a quick walk through of the Louvre. I know that’s not exactly possible but we’re going to give it our best shot! And while doing so, I’ll sure we’ll look just like the tourists in this Thomas Struth photo, albeit […]

Ready for Take Off

09 . 02 . 09

I’m almost ready to leave for the airport and I wanted to thank everyone who sent all their great recommendations for Paris! I have no idea how many of them we will actually be able to see or do but I appreciate you all sending them to us! Christian May of Maison21 has been gracious […]

Packing for Paris

09 . 02 . 09

I just wrestled my ginormous suitcase out of the closet and I’m about to start filling it. You really didn’t think I was going to go to Paris for five and a half days with a carry on did you? I can barely pack everything for a short weekend in one! I really thought I […]