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Tourist Time

by habituallychic

09 . 05 . 09

Right about now, Stefan and I are probably in full tourist mode which will include a quick walk through of the Louvre. I know that’s not exactly possible but we’re going to give it our best shot! And while doing so, I’ll sure we’ll look just like the tourists in this Thomas Struth photo, albeit better dressed, of course!

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  1. Lisa Borgnes Giramonti September 5, 2009 | 4:10 pm

    Enjoy, enjoy…can’t wait to see your photos when you get back! xx

  2. Greet September 5, 2009 | 6:48 pm

    I would be there with you at the Louvre! It’s amazing isn’t it?
    There is so much to see! I think if you want to stop by every art piece you see there, just a few seconds, it might be taken for more than a year to see all of them!



  3. Scott Fazzini September 6, 2009 | 1:06 am

    Bonjour Paris! You and Stef are like Fred and Audrey in Funny Face…. I’m afraid that you’ll have to fight for the Audrey role! : ) Enjoy!

  4. A Gift Wrapped Life September 6, 2009 | 1:56 am

    Hope you are having a fabulous time in Paris! I had to pass due to a late website launch….but more than content to hear all about yours. I do miss Paris, though the Maison show was going to test my budget…..I’m terrible at restraint. Have a wonderfully un-restained show.

  5. Habitually Chic September 6, 2009 | 5:49 am

    hi everyone- maison21 here! thanks for your comments, and i just wanted to update you that heather is having a great time, and if you want to catch a sneak peek of her trip, you can follow her on twitter:


    and to anon who pointed out the typo, my sincere thanks- i promised heather i would make any needed changes, and i didn’t even see it. merci.

  6. mary September 6, 2009 | 2:27 pm

    M21-you are doing a fantastic job, but I can’t wait til Heather gets back to share all of the gory details.

  7. Karena September 6, 2009 | 3:34 pm

    Heather, can’t wait to see more images from the trip. A dream come true!

  8. Eden Blake Collection September 7, 2009 | 3:11 pm

    There is nothing more beautiful (when referring to interiors) than
    narrow, practically floor-to-ceiling,split windows and doors… it truly makes any interior/exterior breathtaking! As I like to say… “things that inspire daydreaming”.