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The Kenmore Arms

01 . 09 . 09

I, like many others, fell head over heels this week for the home of Lisa Borgnes Giramonti and her new blog, A Bloomsbury Life. There were only a few photos posted of the interiors but from what I could see, I knew this woman had talent and an interesting tale to tell and I wasn’t […]

Those of us in the design field like to joke that “decorating is soooo glamorous!” (Meant to be read with sarcasm!) And installations are the least glamorous but most satisfying part of decorating! I spend the day at The Bachelorette Pad installing the new furnishings and moving other pieces around. Well, I didn’t move the […]

Patience can be a virtue in the design world. Clients need patience to wait for furniture that takes months to complete and sometimes designers need patience to see the fruition of all their hard work. Such is the case with the new wallpaper line from Katie Ridder. She started the project two years ago as […]

It’s a new year and I have a new project to share with you! Well, it’s not that new but I’ll get to that part in a minute. When I asked my client if I could post about her apartment on the blog she was very excited and before I even had a chance to […]

Noir et Blanc

01 . 02 . 09

I spent part of this New Year’s Day surfing the internet in search of interesting interiors and I’m so glad I did because I it led me to Fabrice Diomard. Most of the information about Fabrice is in French and has caused me to add “take a refresher French class” to my New Year’s resolutions […]

Mr. Mlinaric at Home

12 . 26 . 08

I’m off to Shadyside to shop with friends and then catch my flight back to New York so in my absence, I thought I would leave you with a little treat. The New York Times had a lovely piece on interior designer David Mlinaric (pronounced mill-in-AR-ik) and his lovely flat in London. Just goes to […]

David Collins is turning into one of my favorite designers. His commercial work consists of many hotels, bar and restaurants that all have unique and interesting features but never go over the top and his residential work seems to have a quiet elegance. But one of David’s hallmarks seems to be his beautiful use of […]

Palm Springs Paradise

12 . 04 . 08

I know I should be posting about Christmas but I couldn’t help but post the photos of my friend David Jimenez‘s Palm Springs mid-century paradise. He keeps suggesting that I come out for a little vacation and after seeing the photos, I just make have to book a flight. I love the pops of color […]

Going Grey

11 . 21 . 08

I think I have found my all time favorite interior to date! The apartment belongs to Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa and his partner John De Stefano, a horse trainer and manager. It feels very European to me with a perfect mix of minimalism and interesting details. The couple didn’t use an interior designer but […]

Sara Story Design

11 . 10 . 08

Sara Story‘s room at the Kips Bay Designer Show House this year was one of my favorites and I felt an immediate affinity for her after reading her 1stdibs Style Compass interview since so many of her answers mirrored my own. I was checking out her website recently and noticed some new photos in her […]

Gimme Shelter

11 . 05 . 08

The dearth of American shelter magazines has forced me to buy from abroad…ok, no one was pointing a gun at my head but I do get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have something new to flip through, so today I picked up the September 2008 issue of Maison Française. I wasn’t even convinced I was […]

I saw the bedroom above in our office concept files and loved the mix of dark walls, ivory trim and yellow doors with the pop of red from the lamp. It reminded me of a Mondrian painting. It wasn’t labeled but I was excited to find out today that the designer in question is Thad […]

I’ve had a few people ask me to recommend a good design book for the non-professional and I never had a good suggestion until I came across Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Design Basics. It’s well written and gives great advice on how the design process works whether you’re working with a professional or doing it yourself. And […]

One of my readers wished she could find the photos from the Laird family townhouse that we’re also published in Elle Decor and her wish is my command. I had already uploaded them because I wanted to post them since I love seeing how owners decorate their different homes. In the living room above, an […]

There is nothing I love more than peaking into the Hampton homes of fabulous New Yorkers. It makes me want to work harder so I can have a place to getaway from the city every weekend and the Bridgehampton home of legendary advertising guru Trey Laird and his family is no different. It looks soothing […]

Living with Design

07 . 10 . 08

I was thinking this past Sunday that I should really try to finish reading all of the great design that I own, especially the vintage ones. So I got a few of them out including the usual suspects, Dorothy Rodgers, Ruhlmann, Mark Hampton and Billy Baldwin, which is what prompted me to post the photo […]

So, I failed to mention earlier what I was doing with the rest of my Friday. Well, this morning I was touring the Charlotte Moss Townhouse with none other than Charlotte Moss herself and her wonderful assistant Cathy! Go ahead. Take a moment to hate me. I know you want to. I would hate me […]