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Moving Day!

07 . 01 . 11

I’ve moving out of my old apartment today but can’t move into my new place until July 8th.  I’ll be traveling home to recover from packing up five years of accumulated stuff.  I was joking with my friend Jessica that I’m apparently a very neat hoarder so it was good to donate, give away or […]

Chic Striped Studio

06 . 29 . 11

I’ve received so many lovely comments and emails about my upcoming move but one reader from Amsterdam took things a bit further.  She emailed me photos to prove that you can live chicly in a studio.  Marijke Beumer is an interior designer in The Netherlands and lives in a beautiful studio that she decorated herself. […]

In between changing my address everywhere and fighting with Time Warner Cable about why as an existing customer I don’t qualify for Triple Play, I am mentally redecorating my new apartment. What’s funny is that I think the owner chose me to rent the place the minute I told him that I was an interior designer.  He […]

I Found a Home!

06 . 25 . 11

I want to again thank everyone who crossed their fingers and prayed for me to find an apartment.  After dealing with shady brokers and walking up more flights of stairs than I care to remember, I am happy to say that I found a home!  It’s on the top floor of a co-op elevator building with […]

Chic Needs Sleep

06 . 21 . 11

I want to apologize for not posting early on Monday as usual.  I was out looking at apartments…for five hours.  I haven’t had to go through this process for over five years and I am ready to keel over from exhaustion.  I did not find my dream home today but I have hope for one […]