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It’s Raining Men!

05 . 07 . 09

I am so bummed that I am going to miss the book launch party at Bergdorf’s for my friend Matt Albiani‘s new book Lifeguard on Duty. It would have been nice to congratulate him in person but more importantly, I will be missing seeing all the hot lifeguards off duty! I might have to figure […]

I’m seriously going to have to move in order to make room for all the wonderful new books being published this year! Suzanne Kasler: Inspired Interiors will be released in October 2009 by Rizzoli and I can’t wait. I can already tell it’s going to be a good one from the cover!

I love living in New York because I have the opportunity to meet the most interesting and inspiring people. Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with interior designer Thad Hayes to discuss his work, his life and his new book Thad Hayes: The Tailored Interior. When I was reading the book before […]

Jacques Grange

02 . 26 . 09

Normally I wouldn’t post two books in a row but since Jean-Philippe Delhomme created the advertising for The Mark Hotel that Jacques Grange just redesigned, they seemed to work together. I was at Rizzoli yesterday and happened to see the new Jacques Grange book by Editions du Regard and was blown away! I was also […]

The Cultivated Life

02 . 25 . 09

For months I had schemed to get a shelter magazine to profile my apartment, but the morning they finally came was, unfortunately, the day after a rather successful dinner party. I have loved the work of the French artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme since I first saw his advertisements for Barneys and now I am in love […]

I think my reaction to hearing that the Olsen twins were coming out with a book was “what-ever” but even I should remember not to judge a book by it’s cover or in this case authors. I happened to flip through it at the bookstore recently and was pleasantly surprised. The book is titled Influence […]

Living in Flanders

11 . 24 . 08

I’ve been a bit obsessed with foreign design and interiors lately and my internet research led me to a beautiful book entitled Living in Flanders by Piet Swimberghe with photos by Jan Verlinde. It seems to be out of print so it would be worth keeping an eye out for a used copy. The architecture […]

I think books make a wonderful present at the holidays. I always consider them the gift that keeps on giving. It gives someone away from home something to read and it gives others some quiet time away from their family…”I think I’m going to go upstairs and read my new book for a little while.” […]

I saw the bedroom above in our office concept files and loved the mix of dark walls, ivory trim and yellow doors with the pop of red from the lamp. It reminded me of a Mondrian painting. It wasn’t labeled but I was excited to find out today that the designer in question is Thad […]


10 . 30 . 08

Leave it to the chicest woman to put together the chicest book and hold the launch party at the chicest store. Last week, Kelly Klein launched her new book Horse from Rizzoli at the Hermes store and it is seriously the most fabulous book of the season. Even if you haven’t ridden a horse in […]

United We Stand

10 . 29 . 08

I have always wanted to go on a tour of the United Nations but have just never gotten around to it so when I discovered a book entitled The U.N. Building in my office last Thursday, I was beyond excited. Then I found out that October 24th of every year is United Nations Day. Talk […]

Modern Americana

10 . 22 . 08

I’m so excited for the release of Todd Merrill and Julie Iovine’s new book Modern Americana: Studio Furniture From High Craft to High Glam and it’s launch party next week! There really isn’t a good comprehensive guide to this period and since Todd is such an expert, I’m glad he was the one to put […]

When the Design Director of Bilhuber and Associates, Kevin Isbell, asked me to be his plus one to the book launch party for Defining Luxury:The Qualities of Life at Home, I didn’t have to think twice! Jeffrey Bilhuber is already a design legend and his new book is beyond gorgeous! The photographs by Trel Brock […]

Agent Recomendation?

08 . 21 . 08

I’m usually the one who’s dolling out advice and recommendations, but now I’m turning to my trusty readers for literary agent recommendations for myself and a few friends for some fabulous non-fiction book ideas. Please email me if you have any suggestions. And who know, maybe we’ll give you a small percentage of the deal!

I have a million design books on my must read list and already own so many that I had to put some of them to use as a nightstand because I was running out of room. (Thanks Nick Olsen for the great idea!) But then I realized that I haven’t read any good fiction lately. […]

If there is one book that is prized above all others for it’s beautiful cover, it’s Osa Johnson’s I Married Adventure. It’s part of my library above and is often styled for magazine shoots like the Vogue photo montage below. Besides being chic and pretty, it’s actually a great read! Martin and Osa Johnson lived […]