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The Boy from Brazil

06 . 17 . 14

I was thinking about what I could post from Brazil in honor of the World Cup when I thought of the fabulous Fabrizio Rollo who I just started following on Instagram. He describes himself on his website as “architect, designer, and journalist.” He is the lifestyle editor of Harper’s Bazaar in Brazil and was previously an […]

I’ve been putting street style photos of Giorgia Tordini in my personal style inspiration folder and on the blog for a while without knowing her name. It was a comment on a post on The Sartorialist that led me to discover that Giorgia is Italian, a fashion stylist, a contributor to Grazia.it (where she’s often photographed […]

Where Fashion Begins

09 . 12 . 12

What’s really funny about this photo is that I was so focused on Bill Cunningham that I didn’t notice The Sartorialist until I opened the photo on my computer. I live for the street style photos each fashion week but I’m really disappointed by the shots posted so far.  They all seem to be the […]

I Spy…

09 . 08 . 12

I spied The Sartorialist chatting with fashion editor of Tank magazine, Caroline Issa at the tents today.  Never know who you might see during fashion week so you better dress your best! Photos by moi

Dreaming of Spring

01 . 24 . 11

I woke up to a temperature of 6 degrees this morning. That’s -14 to those of you on the Celsius scale.  I am so tired of pulling on tights and boots and twelve layers everyday.  In fact, I think I’d like to burn all my winter clothes.  Spring is still two months away and I’m already dreaming […]

It’s brutally hot again today in New York and one of my male friends confirmed that it’s even worse if you have to wear a suit. Poor corporate guys. Too bad they can’t wear shorts to work like these cool guys! They definitely look chic to me! All photos by The Sartorialist

White After Labor Day

09 . 01 . 08

Usually by this time of the year, I’m officially over summer and ready to break out my fall clothes but not this year! Maybe because I spent so much time working or maybe because I don’t know what I will wear when I put away my white dresses and my white Goyard bag! Of course, […]