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Everyone who saw the renovated 19th-century farmhouse of Luis Laplace and his partner Christophe Comoy on the island of Menorca in the WSJ. Magazine this weekend immediately fell in love. It’s probably because we haven’t been able to travel to abroad in over a year but it’s also because it doesn’t look overdone or too […]

After this weekend, I think we can all use a vacation. In lieu of that, I give you some pretty pictures of a country house in Spain by Isabel López-Quesada. I don’t have any details about the home but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I especially love the rattan covered tub in one […]

If you’re looking for a summer read that’s more interesting than the usual chick lit and very hard to put down, I highly recommend Lesley M.M. Blume’s new book Everybody Behaves Badly. Lesley and I were Instagram friends before randomly meeting in January at the Chateau Marmont when I was in Los Angeles she and her family had […]

Wedding of the Year

05 . 30 . 16

While most of my Instagram feed this weekend was filled with holiday weekend festivities in the US, the rest was focused on a gorgeous wedding that will definitely be hard to top this year. Lady Charlotte Wellesley married Alejandro Santo Domingo in Granada, Spain. The British bride’s father is the 9th Duke of Wellington, descendent of […]

One of my favorite people on Instagram is Madrid based interior designer Lorenzo Castillo. His feed @lorenzocastillofe is filled with photos of his design projects and his homes. While many of them have been featured in magazines, his own photos show different angeles and areas not always seen in publications. I especially love his art collection […]

Marvelous in Madrid

03 . 01 . 16

I’m getting ready for my flight to Paris tonight but I’m already thinking about where I want to go next.  I’ve never been to Spain so that’s a top contender. It would mean I could also meet one of my favorite designers, Isabel Lopez Quesada, who designed this country house. I love that it looks […]

Modern Mix in Madrid

09 . 09 . 15

I came across this Madrid apartment designed by Luis Puerta recently on Nueva Estilo. The Google translation of the Spanish article leaves something to be desired but from what I can make out, the plan was to allow the apartment to “breathe” with clean spaces and “less is better” aesthetic. I personally love the mix of contemporary […]

Bilbao Beauty

09 . 21 . 14

An image on Pinterest led to this interesting and masculine apartment in Bilbao, Spain. It belongs to Mikel Larrinaga and was featured in Singular Magazine and Nuevo Estilo. While it’s not my style overall, I love the collected look of the art and the neutral colors punctuated with black accents. It’s one of those apartments that makes […]

Nuevo Estilo never disappoints and this latest apartment they posted in Madrid is one of my new favorites. The space hadn’t been touched since the 1930’s so designer Miguel García de Valcárcel was able to open up the the rooms to let in more light.  He says of the project, “The important thing was to preserve the […]

On Holiday

08 . 27 . 13

I’m on holiday out East this week but I wouldn’t mind spending next August in Marbella, Spain where this beautiful home is located.  It was featured in Nuevo Estilo in Spanish so I can’t tell you anything about it but the photos are inspiring without any commentary.  Enjoy! 

When I posted the photo above of a room designed by Lorenzo Castillo, I wondered where one would find wicker bull heads.  I assumed it was France or Spain and that was probably the case until recently. Jayson Home now offers both a small and large version below.  Not exactly sure where I would put it […]

Since I’ve been stuck on France for a bit, maybe it’s time to mix things up again.  I just found the home of Madrid interior designer Maria de la Osa online and love her eclectic style already.  She has a great eye for mixing different periods and styles and I look forward to seeing more of […]

Modern Mix in Madrid

03 . 19 . 13

I had to buy the December 2011 issue of Nuevo Estilo on Zinio to find out who designed this room.  Turns out it is antique dealer Alfonso Icaza who owns Bakelita in Madrid, Spain. In addition to fashion designers, I think antique dealers have the best homes.  They are so great at mixing pieces that […]

More to Love in Madrid

03 . 04 . 13

Every search on the internet ends in a trip down the rabbit hole but it usually turns out for the best.  That’s how I found this duplex apartment in Madrid designed by one of my favorite designers Lorenzo Castillo.  From what I can gather from my limited Spanish, it might be for his brother Santiago […]

Someone posted a photo of the work of designer Pablo Pariagua yesterday on Pinterest and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of him before. Especially since it’s so my type of style.  This home he designed in Malaga, Spain was featured in Nuevo Estilo and might just be my new favorite space.  It’s classic and […]

The “Lady Luxe” spread from yesterday’s post was shot in two places designed by Lorenzo Castillo.  The Hotel Santo Mauro and his showroom/home in Madrid, Spain.  I really need to learn Spanish so I can read more about this talented interior designer but from what I can gather, he is also an antiques dealer and […]

Casa Castiglioni

02 . 22 . 12

I don’t recall seeing any photos of the Consuelo Castiglioni’s main residence but there are some great photos of her family’s home in Formentera, Spain.  I have never had a reputation for minimalism but in some instances I definitely think less is more, especially when the point of a place is rest and relaxation.  I […]