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Color My World

08 . 09 . 23

I’m a little nervous about this post. I know it feels a bit out of left field but I like to keep you on your toes. Everyone is clamoring for fall fashions which usually means neutrals and wool fabrics but there is another theme for fall which is pastel and bright colors. You can wear […]

Just when I had decided that my spring and summer wardrobe would consist exclusively of neutrals, navy, and black, the new Emma movie comes out and makes me want to wear pretty pastry colored pastels. I suppose I could add in a few pieces or wear them on my Southern trips or I could just […]

Laundry Day

01 . 16 . 17

I returned from Grand Cayman late last night. (More on this later.) My suitcase and a pile of dirty laundry is currently lying on my floor. I’m lucky to have a laundry room in my apartment building but it’s not the same as having a huge laundry room in your own house. I dream of the […]

Minty Fresh

10 . 20 . 11

I’ve had the minty color of the coat above that Tommy Ton photographed during fashion in my head for weeks.  I used to associate it more with spring but I’m loving it all year long now.  J.Crew has many pieces in this chic color in their new catalog so now we can easily add it […]