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Laundry Day

by habituallychic

01 . 16 . 17

I returned from Grand Cayman late last night. (More on this later.) My suitcase and a pile of dirty laundry is currently lying on my floor. I’m lucky to have a laundry room in my apartment building but it’s not the same as having a huge laundry room in your own house. I dream of the day I can have a room dedicated to laundry and ironing and already have a Pinterest board full of inspiration. I especially love Robin’s egg blue laundry room by Ashley Winn Design n the first few photos. It’s the perfect pairing of color and design. I guess the only thing better than having a laundry room would be having someone to come unpack my suitcase and put everything away. I’m adding that to wish list.
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Sarah Bartholomew residence, kitchen, laundry room off kitchen

Sarah Bartholomew residence, kitchen, laundry room off kitchen

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