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Chic, Le Sport

12 . 24 . 13

Christmas came early to Habitually Chic. Yesterday, I received a copy of the book Jacques Henri Lartigue: A Sporting Life.  In French, the title is Chic, le sport ! which obviously, I find amusing. I was first introduced to the book at a press preview at Hermès whose 2013 theme for the year was “a sporting life” which […]

Jungle Love

10 . 08 . 13

I included a look from the Spring/Summer 2014 Hermès show in my last post which reminded me that I should take a more in depth look at the collection.  As you know, Hermès is best known for their leather accessories and bags but they also offer discreetly chic clothing to go along with said bags.  The spring show was […]

Let’s Lift It

04 . 16 . 13

I refer to Andrea Stanford as my Fairy Godmother in Los Angeles and the description is apt.  We first met online years ago when I posted pics from C magazine where she was the Design + Style Editor.  She still contributes to the magazine that is worth reading even if you don’t visit California all […]

Weekend Inspiration

03 . 15 . 13

I was pinning images on Pinterest the other day and started to notice a pattern.  Bon weekend! all images via pinterest

Color My World

02 . 20 . 13

I LOVE this color block outfit (it’s Prada) that Amanda Seyfried was wearing that was posted on Who What Wear today.  It’s freezing again in New York and this ensemble is getting me even more excited for spring.  It also reminds me of a few other things I’ve seen recently.  I have been stalking these […]

Tommy’s Turf

11 . 08 . 12

One of my favorite things that have come about because of my blog has been my friendship with interior designer Tommy Smythe.  I used to watch him on Design Inc. with Sarah Richardson and literally laugh out loud at all his funny quips.  Now I get to experience them in person and this time on […]

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already saw a sneak peek of the Hermès Festival des Métiers I attended to today but I wanted to share it with everyone.  Hermès has organized a “Festival of Crafts” through Sunday in New York to let the public, free of charge, see how some of its most famous […]

The Battle for Hermès

09 . 06 . 11

While preparing for the hurricane last weekend, you might have missed excellent article, The Battle for Hermès in the Wall Street Journal.  For those of you who don’t know, Bernard Arnault, the owner of LVMH, has been buying up shares of Hermès in an attempt to add the venerable brand to his stable of luxury […]

Ode to Wicker

01 . 13 . 11

This wicker Hermes Kelly bag looks just right.  I’d like to carry it while wearing a Fendi dress in white.  Tina Turner could drive me around in her Fiat Jolly that surely goes zoom. At the end of the day, we could hang out in this chic lattice room. The End.

J’aime Mon Carré

08 . 11 . 10

Hermès has created a fun new website J’aime Mon Carré which translates to I Love My Scarf.  It is full of chic girls, and some boys, in London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo wearing Hermès scarves tied in a myriad of ways.  There are more ways to wear a scarf that just around your neck […]

La Table d’Hermès

07 . 13 . 10

I’m officially over summer and all I can think of is autumn with it’s crisp cool weather and beautiful clothes. I also think this amazing sepia toned tableware “Les Maisons Enchantées” from Hermès would be perfect for fall feasts and even more spectacular at Thanksgiving! You might just want to keep it away from the […]

Carry On Only!

06 . 09 . 10

As much as I like Chanel, my heart belongs to Hermès since we share an initial. Although these Crocodile suitcases that were posted on Luxist don’t have an H on them, they still have me seriously swooning! They were made in the 1930’s for Karen Blixen who wrote Out of Africa under the name Isak […]

La Maison d’Hermes

10 . 04 . 09

Hermes is synonymous with Paris and the shops are always packed with tourists looking to buy a bit of French-ness to bring back from their trip. I was surprised that the saddles cost less than the Birkins but I guess that is due to the simple economic principle of supply and demand. I don’t think […]

What’s in the box?

07 . 28 . 09

Apparently the rumors about the demise of the recession might actually be true, or at least on Madison Avenue, where Hermes is building a new men’s store across from their flagship boutique. I always knew women weren’t the only ones who liked to open those fabulous orange boxes! C’est magnifique!

Similar Style

06 . 24 . 09

I saw this Samuel Weekender bag from Club Monaco on Vogue’s Most Wanted feature today and thought it looked a little familiar. It has a similar style to the Hermes Plume bag but costs a couple thousand dollars less. If you buy it, you can use the money you saved on a trip to Paris! […]

Another great marriage of art and fashion are the limited edition Homage to the Square scarves from Hermes that depict six of artist Josef Albers paintings from 1964 and give new meaning to the phrase “wearable art.” The German born Albers, is most well known as a Bauhaus artist but he also designed furniture and […]

Is everything from Hermès ridiculously expensive? I’m going to have to say yes and I’ll tell you why in a second. I was reading the New York Times online and found a story about Kelly Wearsler shopping for hard to find design books which included “The Hermès Shop Windows” by Leila Menchari, who has been […]