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As excited as I am to be headed back to Paris next week, I would like to add some new stamps to my passport.  I’m thinking Copenhagen might be a good place to visit this year. It’s a beautiful city with a great design community and lots to see.  If I do decide to go, the Hotel […]

Palette Cleanser

02 . 19 . 15

Fashion week is almost over in New York and I’m actually glad. It’s a week filled with sensory overload that makes you feel like you need to detox afterward. It also makes me feel like I need a palette cleanser of lighter colors and minimal design not just in fashion. I was cleaning out tear sheets recently […]

As you know from reading the blog, I’m a huge fan of Danish fashion designer Malene Birger and her book Life and Work: Malene Birger’s Life in Pictures.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to learn that she’s not only releasing a new book, Move and Work, but debuting her new endeavor Birger1962 this fall.  […]

Marvelous Malene

03 . 11 . 13

I know I just posted a lot of color but what’s really been inspiring lately is black and white. It’s the hot look for spring 2013 fashion and it’s still a classic for the home.  You might remember that Danish fashion designer Malene Birger is also a fan from this post.   Well, she’s been […]

The new Lonny is online today and I immediately fell in love with this home outside Copenhagen, Denmark.  It’s owned by Marianne Brandi and Keld Mikkelsen who head the fashion company Day Birger et Mikkelsen. The company description sounds like it could also be describing their home, the “vision was to bring beautiful, ethnic influences […]

I started out on track this week but photo shoots for the book and preparations for trips to Atlanta and LA have left me falling behind.  Until I get myself squared away, I’m posting a repeat.  If television can do it, why can’t I?  The house belongs to Danish fashion designer Malene Birger, who has […]