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Chic Hotel: SP34 Copenhagen

by habituallychic

02 . 24 . 15

Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-001As excited as I am to be headed back to Paris next week, I would like to add some new stamps to my passport.  I’m thinking Copenhagen might be a good place to visit this year. It’s a beautiful city with a great design community and lots to see.  If I do decide to go, the Hotel SP34 might be where I stay.  I love the neutral grey colors mixed with brass accents and natural wood of the 188 rooms and lobby.  The light fixtures are fabulous and I was happy to learn they are available from RUBN. I do think the headboard is a little strange but I’ll let that slide since I love everything else. Does anyone have any other hotel suggestions for Copenhagen?

Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-002 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-003 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-004 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-005 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-006 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-007 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-008 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-009 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-010 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-011 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-012 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-013 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-014 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-015 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-016 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-017 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-018 Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen-2015-habituallychic-019