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Palette Cleanser

by habituallychic

02 . 19 . 15


Fashion week is almost over in New York and I’m actually glad. It’s a week filled with sensory overload that makes you feel like you need to detox afterward. It also makes me feel like I need a palette cleanser of lighter colors and minimal design not just in fashion. I was cleaning out tear sheets recently and came across the Danish home of Jacob Holm and his wife Barbara Bendix Becker and their family. Jacob is the president of Fritz Hansen and the home is filled with an enviable collection of Poul Kjærholm furniture. Barbara is an industrial designer and owner of R78 Copenhagen. The home was published multiple in multiple publications so it looks like they’ve rearranged the rooms many times. I love the lighter colors and minimal design that make each piece of furniture look like a sculpture. It’s another place that makes me want to continue decluttering my own apartment. Maybe I’ll take care of that during the next arctic blast this weekend.
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Photos by Ditte Isager for Vogue Living January/February 2008 and Gaelle le Boulicaut for Elle Decoration South Africa OCtober/November 2012.