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Bon Weekend: 1 November 2019

by habituallychic

11 . 01 . 19

I can’t believe today is November 1st. Where has the year gone?! The next two months will be busy with events and holidays so I’m taking a little R&R in Sag Harbor this weekend at Baron’s Cove where I always stay. It’s a little quiet off season but everything is open in town and the weather couldn’t be more gorgeous. Follow along on Instagram and Stories to see what I’m doing in real time.

There are also some great things happening in New York right now.

The new Nordstrom Women’s Store just opened on West 57th Street to much fanfare last week. I was invited to the big opening party but couldn’t attend so I look forward to checking out the store when I’m back in the city next. From what I’ve seen online so far, it looks amazing and will be a welcome addition to the city now that it looks like Barney’s might be closing. Barney’s is synonymous with New York, it’s actually part of its full name, Barney’s New York and would be so sad for the city if they closed. We are all praying they can keep the New York store open but we are bracing for the worst.

Before I left, I attended the preview for The European Fine Arts Fair (TEFAF) which is always the highlight of the fall art and design season. I don’t think it was strong as the spring show but it’s definitely worth attending before it closes on Tuesday. I saved my Instagram Stories of my visit in my TEFAF Highlights.

I had to take the regular Jitney to the Hamptons instead of the much nicer Ambassador Jitney and I was thankful that I had downloaded the new limited series The Morning Show on Apple TV for the trip. It follows the aftermath of what happens when the male morning television co-host played by Steve Carrell is fired due to inappropriate relationships with female staffers. It obviously mirrors what happened at The Today Show but season one is a bit uneven. Jennifer Aniston really shines and I wish it had revolved more around her character who brings life to each scene. The characters played by Reese Witherspoon and Billy Crudup are insufferable but Mark Duplass is great. I was a little surprised that season one is comprised of only three hour long episodes. Just as it gets going, it’s over. I hope we don’t have to wait long for season two.

I am really not allowed to buy any more books. The stack next to my bed is about to topple over. But I was tempted to buy Touched by the Sun in Sag Harbor which chronicles singer Carly Simon’s friendship with Jackie Kennedy Onassis. That Lucian Freud book looked great too.

I was against microneedling because I feel like my skin will breakout but I decided to give it a try on my body. I haven’t been consistent with it yet but I like that it also includes red LED light that also helps to build collagen. I might try the face roller on one small area first to see how my skin reacts since some women swear by microneedling. I’ll report back once I have used it for a longer duration. The Complete Glo: GloPRO® + Pack N’ Glo Microneedling Regeneration Set is a great place to start since it includes all the products and a jade roller.

Bon Week-end!