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10 . 03 . 18

Since I wasn’t able to work while I was away in Charlottesville last week, I’ve been playing catch up all this week. I had wanted to post my photos from Monticello today but I just didn’t have any time to edit them so they will have to wait until next week. While looking for something else to post, I came across a house called Edgemont in the countryside outside Charlottesville on the Architectural Digest website but the story only included five photos. While looking for more photos, I serendipitously discovered that not only is it for sale but might also have been designed by Thomas Jefferson himself.

According to the Monticello website, Edgemont was built around 1796 for James Powell Cocke in the “French and Palladian architectural styles. Although there is no definitive evidence to prove that Jefferson designed the building, his letters and drawings, as well as similarities to other Jefferson architectural designs, have led many architectural historians to the conclusion that the design is probably Jefferson’s.”

In a letter from 1796 Thomas Jefferson refers to a house for a Mr. Cocke: “I now enclose you the draught you desired, which I have endeavored to arrange according to the ideas you expressed, of having the entry, not through a principal room as in Mr. Cocke’s house, but at the cross passage.”

Also from Monticello, “In 1936, the house was “discovered” by architect Milton Grigg in a state of disrepair. Grigg restored the property in 1938 for its owner, Dr. Graham Clark, and again in 1946, after the house was purchased by William Snead. In addition to historic restorations, Grigg designed two new porticoes to match the existing south and east porticoes that were part of the original construction. Grigg also restored the terraced gardens based on historic and archaeological evidence.”

I was surprised at how small Monticello was in person and I’m sure this house matches those petite proportions. I don’t see any stairs in the real estate photos so I wonder if Edgemont also has very narrow side staircases like Monticello. But what the house may lack in space, the landscape more than makes up for it. Edgemont is set on almost 600 acres of land and includes beautiful gardens, a pool, pool house, guest house, tennis court, and farm. All that land is going to cost you though, Edgemont is currently for sale for $27,000,000.