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Perfection in Portugal

by habituallychic

01 . 11 . 17

I don’t usually like theme weeks but I have warm weather on the brain this week. It’s partially due to the arctic weather this past weekend and my upcoming trip to Grand Cayman on Thursday. Although, I wish I was visiting Portugal after seeing Christian Louboutin‘s house on the coast. It actually reminds me a lot of the house designer Jacques Grange owns in Portugal from my posts On Holiday and On Holiday: Part Deux from 2012.

Louboutin’s decorated the house himself to be comfortable and inviting while he did have help on the landscaping by Louis Benech. His shoes may be precious but his house is a space where his children can play and guests can come and go.

One of my friends works for the the Christian Louboutin corporate office in New York office but spends a lot of time with the designer in Paris and traveling. She says that he’s unbelievably nice and down to earth. Perhaps it’s time spent in this idyllic setting on his own holidays that recharges his batteries and allows him to relax. I’m definitely adding Portugal to must visit list this year.

To see all the credits and read the entire story in the WSJ, click here.