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Another Dream Kitchen

by habituallychic

04 . 19 . 16

Sorry for the radio silence. I took a few days off to enjoy the weekend in the Hamptons and my birthday. One special treat was the opportunity to see Steven Gambrel’s project at 42 Howard Street in Sag Harbor, the Captain Overton House that I posted recently. Needless to say, it was even better in person than the real estate listing photos. I once attended a party in Steven’s old West Village townhouse and it was there that I noticed his impeccable attention to detail. It was also on view in this project. The paint colors and finishes and hardware choices are always top notch. Even my friend who was with me noticed that while every room had its own look, there was a thread that ran though the house that connected every space. The kitchen and butler’s pantry seen here is definitely going in my dream kitchen folder. Even the way it was styled for the open house over the weekend was perfection. If I had the money, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-002 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-003 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-004 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-005 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-006 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-007 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-008 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-009 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-010 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-011 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-012 steven-gambrel-42-howard-street-sag-harbor-habituallychic-013
Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic.