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Perrin Paris

by habituallychic

03 . 04 . 15


While I was in Paris last summer, I had the pleasure of visiting with Sally Perrin and her daughter Chloe in their gorgeous family apartment designed by Chahan Minassian. It was first featured in a magazine in 2010 and it still looks as good today. The apartment faces the Seine river and the Louvre so the shades of room complement the colors outside perfectly.

Sally’s husband Michel is French and his family founded Perrin Paris in 1893. They’ve updated it for today and have a store on Madison Avenue as well as a new one in Paris I look forward to visiting this trip.

Sally and Chloe also gave Harper’s Bazaar their travel guide to Paris that is worth checking out if you are visiting the City of Light soon.


Sally and Michel Perrin with their daughters Chloe and Emma. perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-003 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-004

Chloe and the famous Perrin glove clutch from last summer. perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-005 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-006 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-007 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-008

perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-009perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-009 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-011 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-012 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-013 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-014 perrin-paris-chahan-minassian-2015-habituallychic-015