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Perrin Paris

03 . 04 . 15

While I was in Paris last summer, I had the pleasure of visiting with Sally Perrin and her daughter Chloe in their gorgeous family apartment designed by Chahan Minassian. It was first featured in a magazine in 2010 and it still looks as good today. The apartment faces the Seine river and the Louvre so […]

A French Folie

07 . 15 . 14

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Sally Perrin of Perrin Paris in her beautiful apartment designed by French interior designer Chahan Minassian. While I was there, she and her daughter Chloe told me about the family’s former house in Normandy. They loved it but decided to sell because they rarely used it after they moved […]

Pretty in Paris Update

12 . 17 . 10

Remember this pretty apartment in Paris that I wrote about in the post Blue Monday last month?  Well, you can see more of it and who owns it in the January 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  Interior designer Chahan Minassian worked with Sally and Michel Perrin of Perrin Paris on this dream apartment on the Quai […]