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The Bag That Keeps on Giving

by habituallychic

01 . 19 . 11
SURevolution has collaborated with J.Crew to produce eight hand-made sisal bags in the Kathuma Village in Kenya.  SURevolution is a company that believe in creating sophisticated products for the luxury market that honor artisans’ traditions, craftsmanship and our natural resources.  J.Crew looks at each of their collaborations very carefully but Marissa Webb, Head of Women’s Design, was already familiar with SURevotion and thought it was the perfect partnership.  When I asked why only eight were produced, she told me, “it takes a long time to produce each one. Every detail is made by hand and there is care taken in each stitch.” She especially liked they are giving back to the community and keeping these artistic traditions alive.  The bags are $150 each and will not be available online.  Four will be available at the Malibu Lumber Yard store (310-456-6760) and four at the Lincoln Road store in Miami (305-673-9806).  Please visit or contact the stores if you would like to purchase one.  It really is the bag that keeps on giving!

Photos courtesy of J.Crew