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Before you head over to Circolo on Bond Street, make sure you stop into Paula Rubenstein‘s new venue.  You may remember her old legendary shop on Prince Street. It was so jammed packed with treasures that I thought I was going to break something every time I entered.  When the landlord tripled her rent, she quietly […]

Chic in Brooklyn: DARR

04 . 29 . 12

After our recent visit to the Brooklyn Museum, Tommy Smythe and I decided to do a little shopping.  One of the first places we stopped was DARR on Atlantic Avenue.  I love visiting places where you never know what you might find and DARR is filled with vintage treasures and new pieces that look old. […]

The thing I miss out on because I live in New York are small antique shops with reasonably priced treasures waiting to be unearthed.  That’s why I was so excited to find The Upper Rust.  It’s the kind of store I would expect to find upstate or out east.  Filled with transferware, china, frames, mirrors, […]

It was more than two years ago when I was introduced to Ray Attanasio, one of the owners of Balsamo Antiques in Pine Plains, New York.  For those of you who don’t venture out of the city, I am happy to announce they have opened a new showroom in the Interior Design Building in New […]

De Vera Uptown

10 . 25 . 10

If there is one person who loves trolling the world for interesting objects, it’s Federico de Vera.  His carefully curated shop of curiosities on Crosby Street in Soho is one of my favorite stores in New York.  Lucky for me, he has just opened an Upper East Side outpost.  It is a little jewel box […]

After you visit Ruby Beets, make sure you head next door to JED. I could have also bought everything in this chic shop. It’s a mix of French antiques and new pieces that all have a certain je ne sais quoi. While some pieces were expensive, those two chairs out front were only $450 for […]

Chic in LA: JF Chen

04 . 08 . 10

I remember seeing some vintage tortoise shells in House & Garden magazine many years ago that were credited to a place called JF Chen. It always stayed with me and I thought that I must visit this place someday. On my recent trip to LA, I finally got the chance. I’m not even sure how […]

I mentioned that I had a day of design last Friday in LA and it all started at Almont Yard. This chic little garden used to be a parking lot before shop owner Nathan Turner and his then neighbor Peter Dunham decided to create this little oasis in 2008. Peter Dunham has since moved over […]

Roman Flair

10 . 06 . 09

Not that you need another excuse to go to Italy but just in case, Flair, my favorite store, just opened a new outpost in Rome. Unlike their stores in Florence, Milan and Capri that have the signature black walls, this one has a lighter color scheme but don’t worry, the furniture and art will remain […]

I was just as obsessed with all the beautiful store fronts in Paris as I was with the doors. I fell in love with the hand painted signs and fabulous fonts. They were subtle and most of the time very simple without a neon bulb in sight. Paris didn’t seem to have any empty stores […]

Merci in New York

09 . 11 . 09

One of the stores we didn’t make it to in Paris was Merci but lucky for me Merci has come to New York! The Gap has partnered with the French boutique to create a small pop up shop at their store on Fifth Avenue. I heard that Merci was expensive and I learned that first […]

Color Me Happy!

08 . 25 . 09

I forgot to ask owner Stephen Saunders why his store is called The End of History. A more appropriate name would be The End of the Rainbow or maybe Died and Gone to Glassware Heaven! The shop is a treasure trove of vintage glass, ceramics and furniture from the 1950’s and 60’s. Much of the […]


08 . 20 . 09

Stefan and I have less than two weeks until we will be strolling and shopping in Paris and one of the places that has shot to the top of my must visit list is the new store Merci! I’ve read about it in Town & Country, Australian Vogue Living, American Vogue and it’s also been […]

What’s in the box?

07 . 28 . 09

Apparently the rumors about the demise of the recession might actually be true, or at least on Madison Avenue, where Hermes is building a new men’s store across from their flagship boutique. I always knew women weren’t the only ones who liked to open those fabulous orange boxes! C’est magnifique!

While we were in Westport, we also stopped into HB Home. I’ve been seeing their very chic ads in magazines for a while so it was finally nice to see them in person. The shop is an extension of the design firm Healing Barsanti. Add them to your list of places to visit the next […]

Recently, interior designer Allison Caccoma was kind enough to invite me along for a little field trip to Connecticut and of course I jumped at the chance to get out the city for a day! First we met with the wonderful team at Moffly Media in Westport who publish a bunch of great regional magazines […]

You might remember that I profiled Georgia Tapert and her lovely home and store a few months ago. Well, now you can see more photos and read more about her interesting life on New York Social Diary. I love Georgia’s home because it is uniquely personal and filled with items she found on her travels […]