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The tourism board of New Orleans should make Jane Scott Hodges an honorary ambassador. My visit to the Crescent City would not have been half as chic without her expert guidance. She and Debra Shriver of Hearst, who also lives in Nola, were kind enough to take me to lunch at Lilette and a tour […]

I’ve never been to New Orleans so I’ve been thinking of planning a trip this winter. Now that the Hotel Peter and Paul has just opened, I have even more motivation to visit The Big Easy. The hotel, restaurant, cafe, bar, library, and event space are located in an abandoned group of 19th-century buildings that […]

Southern Charm

09 . 07 . 16

I always joke that I’m a Southerner trapped in the body of a Yankee. I absolutely love antiques, china, silver, and proper manners. If I don’t end up retiring to Paris. I will definitely end up down south and if I do, I hope my home looks like Julia Reed‘s. The writer and author moved from […]

House Envy

11 . 02 . 15

I never tire of seeing the house that Sara Ruffin Costello and her family moved to in New Orleans from New York. Part of the reason is that every Manhattanite dreams of leaving the cramped confines of the city for more space and the other is her great design sense. The house looks more collected […]

I think everyone who lives in New York dreams of packing up and leaving the rat race at some point.  Not many people actually do it but Sara Ruffin Costello and Paul Costello actually made the move to New Orleans five years ago and never looked back. The best part for them has been the […]

Studying Sara

09 . 20 . 13

Last night’s panel with Domaine Home was rollicking good fun and I very much enjoyed chatting with Sara Ruffin Costello who was also on the panel with me. We’ve crossed paths before but never really had a chance to talk.  Now that she’s living in New Orleans, those chances are few and far between so […]