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One Apartment Two Ways

04 . 25 . 18

Fashion designer Misha Nonoo’s duplex apartment was in great shape when she and her former husband bought it from interior designer Nate Berkus in 2013. After her divorce, she pared things down with help from Andre Mellone while keeping many of Nate’s design elements. Her home is featured in the new May 2018 issue of […]

Thinking of California

12 . 11 . 17

I’ve been thinking about California a lot lately and my friends in Los Angeles dealing with the fires. One friend posted a video on Instagram of all the burned out homes in his parent’s neighborhood. Miraculously, his parent’s home was the only left standing and untouched. A true Christmas miracle. The new home of Nate […]

Chic Starter Home

03 . 06 . 14

Most 21 year olds don’t move into multi-level homes decorated by Nate Berkus, but then again, model Karlie Kloss is not your average 21 year old. Vogue has a few pics of her chic downtown home in the March issue and online but I also found the before photos and the floor plan from the […]

In the Closet

02 . 07 . 13

We’re expecting a huge snowstorm in the Northeast this weekend.  That means many will be house bound with nothing to do but eat and watch trashy tv.  If you’re looking for an alternative, I suggest a little closet cleaning.  You could get a jump start on organizing your spring wardrobe and donate your castoffs to […]

Stalking Nate Berkus

05 . 16 . 09

I regularly stalk, I mean check out, Nate Berkus‘s website hoping for new photos of his work and this morning I was rewarded with not only photos but I little back story. Seems everyone is on a budget these days including his clients, one of whom asked Nate and his team to outfit “two properties […]

Tranquil Townhouse

02 . 24 . 09

I was looking for a a living room concept recently and came across the townhouse that Nate Berkus designed for Katie Lee Joel and it reminded me how much I loved this home when I first saw it. While I enjoyed looking at the spread in Domino, I always liked looking at the photos online […]

Berkus at the Beach

02 . 23 . 09

I was checking out interior designer Nate Berkus‘s website and noticed a few new photos of a beach house. I posted them yesterday without knowing where they were from and in a funny coincidence, they were published in the November 2008 issue of C Magazine (more on C Magazine later) and now I can bring […]

I went onto Nate Berkus’ website yesterday to look for photos of his West Village apartment for inspiration for Black gloss trim, his turned out to be blue-black. Anyway, while there I stumbled onto his portfolio for his interior design firm, Nate Berkus Associates, and all I could think was wow! When you think of […]