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One Apartment Two Ways

by habituallychic

04 . 25 . 18

Fashion designer Misha Nonoo’s duplex apartment was in great shape when she and her former husband bought it from interior designer Nate Berkus in 2013. After her divorce, she pared things down with help from Andre Mellone while keeping many of Nate’s design elements. Her home is featured in the new May 2018 issue of Architectural Digest while Nate’s version was featured in the magazine in November 2012. I thought it would be fun to compare how they each decorated the apartment. What’s also interesting is that I was in this apartment in 2011 when Nate lived there with architect Carlos Huber who I photographed for my book. His home office for his perfume line Arquiste was featured in my book Creativity at Work so I’ve included a photo of what it looked like then too.

The first image is of Misha Nonoo’s living room while the one above was designed by Nate Berkus. They both look great but I prefer the black windows and doors in Nate’s.

The both had round tables in this space but Misha’s has a custom banquette seat now.

This is how the small space that was Carlos’s office looks in Misha’s apartment now.

I loved the bulletin board map of Paris in Carlos Huber’s office that I featured in my book Creativity at Work. (I was going to try to find my hard drive of photos from the book but I thought that would take forever so I took a photo of the page in the book.I apologize for the quality. I’ll try to find the photos as soon as I have time.)

I like that Misha kept these black framed internal doors but wish she had kept the windows black for continuity.

The apartment was much more layered when Nate owned it.

Misha turned the old dining room in Nate’s apartment into a library. She did keep the built in bookshelves which were very beautifully designed.

The dining room with bookshelves was my favorite room in Nate’s apartment. I took photos of Carlos in this room but they weren’t used for the book. I need to find those too.

Misha kept the chevron floors and curved staircase that Nate designed.

You can see again that Nate had much more furniture and Misha really did pare down the furnishings.

The dining room was moved to a different room in Misha’s apartment which is adjacent to the kitchen.

I remember the kitchen in Nate’s apartment but I don’t remember seeing this room in person. It’s now Misha’s dining room.

This is the other side of the room above.

Misha Nonoo in the dining room.

They didn’t show the kitchen in Misha’s apartment but this is how Nate’s kitchen looked.

Another view of Nate’s kitchen.

A small peek at Misha’s bedroom. I couldn’t find a photo of Nate’s bedroom.

The closet was a selling point of the apartment and was kept exactly the same in Misha’s apartment.

The closet when Nate lived there.

Another view of Misha’s closet.

I love this view of the stairs from upstairs in Misha’s apartment.