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The history of Ladurée begins in 1862, in the heart of the Paris during the Belle Époque. In the Madeleine district, Louis-Ernest Ladurée opens a bakery quickly recognized for the quality and flavor of its breads and pastries. After a fire in 1871, the place was reborn as a pastry shop, attracting gourmets to the […]

One of the best things about Paris, besides Paris itself, is Ladurée.  While they did open a Ladurée uptown in New York, we did not have a Ladurée tea salon until this week.  It is located on West Broadway in Soho in the space formally occupied by the restaurant Barolo who had a large patio.  I couldn’t quite see past the chic opening […]

Macaron Mania

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The new Ladurée shop on Madison Avenue has finally opened to much excitement and long lines.  I stopped by at about 10:00am after the Tory Burch store preview and it was the first time that I could snap a few photos.  The shop is filled with beautiful pastel colors and old artwork that are just […]

There were rumors a few years ago that Ladurée was opening a shop in New York but now apparently it’s actually becoming a reality!  Thanks to my Twitter friends, I was alerted to the news that Ladurée will be opening at 845 Madison Avenue in July.  I am so excited that I might have to […]