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Dreaming of Spring

01 . 24 . 11

I woke up to a temperature of 6 degrees this morning. That’s -14 to those of you on the Celsius scale.  I am so tired of pulling on tights and boots and twelve layers everyday.  In fact, I think I’d like to burn all my winter clothes.  Spring is still two months away and I’m already dreaming […]

Another Snow Day

02 . 26 . 10

It’s still snowing in New York and since I doubt I will look as chic as Ms. Wintour if I go out today, I think I will stay in and continue watching The September Issue. This wicked weather has also strengthened my resolve to plan a vacation to a warmer and sunnier city! And I […]

Take Me Away!

02 . 05 . 09

The temperature in New York today was 5 degrees with the wind chill and I’ve had enough. I’m ready to pack my bag and run away! I’ll probably just end up going to Los Angeles to visit friends but where I really want to go is St. Barths. I’d love nothing more than to sit […]