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I had a reader request for outfits to wear to the office when it’s hot outside but freezing inside because of the air conditioning. I thought this was a perfect fashion conundrum to answer with the help of Net-a-Porter who have the perfect wardrobe staples for work. And while it’s the first day of summer, […]

Dog Days of Summer

07 . 22 . 11

Since we’re in the dog days of summer, I figured why not post some real dogs. My favorite features on 770 Behind the Line: The (un) Official J.Crew Blog are the Pet Portraits.  J.Crew employees are photographed by Charity De Meer with their precious pooches and the results are beyond adorable. Bon Weekend! Photos by Charity […]

Pool Party

06 . 08 . 11

It’s going to be 95 degrees today and 98 degrees tomorrow.  Needless to say, I’d rather be cooling off in a pool instead of running around to appointments in the steamy city.  Since I can’t play hookey, I’m hoping that these pool pictures will help me think cool thoughts.  Except for the last one of […]

We’ve been having a never ending heat wave in New York and the forecast for tomorrow is 100 degrees! It’s hard to look chic when you’re sweating through your dress so here are a few options to beat the heat this weekend! There is no cooler place than a movie theatre so take in a […]

Who Wears Short Shorts

07 . 06 . 10

I was working on a post about looking chic in shorts when I came across the photo above on The Sartorialist website. Of course, the photo was taken in Paris where everything looks chic but I love how pulled together she looks. The temperature is supposed to reach over 100 degrees today so looking and […]

Chic in the Heat

06 . 29 . 10

“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.” – Sophia Loren I love this photo of and quote by Sophia Loren. It’s been so insufferably hot and humid in New York lately that I’m having trouble feeling chic. I wish I could wear a scarf on my […]

Hot Town

06 . 24 . 10

We dream all winter for summer weather to arrive and then we complain about it when it does. But in our defense, it really has been hot and steamy in New York this week. I don’t want to wish summer away but really I am looking forward to fall when I can wear chic outfits […]

Memorial Day always heralds the beginning of summer in the city even if the calendar still says spring. My office has already begun summer hours and the rising temperatures are necessitating a change of wardrobe and accessories so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite things that help me […]