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Old Westbury Gardens has been on my must visit list for a while and thanks to Preston Davis of Keep it Chic, we had a private tour last Friday. While I was most familiar with the gardens, I had not seen any photos of the interiors filled with antiques, chintz, chinoiserie, jib doors, and elegant […]

Sticky Wicket

07 . 20 . 11

The croquet set that I saw at The Upper Rust makes me wish a had a flat lawn, or any lawn for that matter.  It would be fun would it be to host a croquet party on a lovely summer day.  Argyle optional of course. The Upper Rust Vintage Croquet Set Chuck Bass playing croquet […]

Gossip Girl in Paris

07 . 07 . 10

While the rest of us were eating hot dogs and watching fireworks this past weekend, Serena and Blair were painting the town red in Paris and by the looks of it, eating Ladurée macaroons! Gossip Girl has decamped to the City of Lights to shoot season 4 and I’m hoping the change of scenery will […]

This season of Gossip Girl has been less than stellar but it’s still my Monday night guilty pleasure. The season finale is tonight and I’m hoping that I can make it home in time to catch it. But even more exciting is that on Wednesday, the new June 2010 issue of Vogue will hit the […]

Phillip Lim at Home

03 . 08 . 10

I’m a huge fan of fashion designer Phillip Lim‘s clothing and jewelry and have always wanted to see inside his home. The New York Times Magazine gave us a little peek this weekend along with a question and answer feature. I love the floor to ceiling shelves above but still dying to see more. I […]

It was hot today in New York. Like Africa hot. But for me it’s too little too late. I’m over summer and have moved onto pre-fall. The new clothes are in the stores here and I’ve already been picking out what I want to buy for New York and my trip to Paris. There are […]

Seems I’m not the only one who loves white dresses. If you want to read a really funny recap of last night’s season premier of Gossip Girl, check out New York magazine’s Daily Intel. Make sure you read what they had to say about The Tins too! XOXO!

Fun at Flair

08 . 14 . 08

I stopped by Flair tonight to pick up another painting that we bought for the Bachelor Pad and I can’t say enough how much I love this store and Jon and George who own it! And Sean who works there! They are so sweet and helpful and such a joy to visit. Every time I […]

Where Do You Summer?

08 . 04 . 08

Let the countdown begin! Season 2 of Gossip Girl begins on September 1st with a little fun in the sun of The Hamptons. Too bad they aren’t actually filming in The Hamptons since I will be there Thursday and Friday for an installation. It would have been fun to report back some Blair and Serena […]

You Know You Love It!

04 . 23 . 08

I think maybe by now you’ve realized that my tastes range from the high brow (auction previews, independent movies, beautiful books) to the very low (US Weekly, Real Housewives, Kid Rock), but I’m not exactly sure where my love of Gossip Girl lies. It seems to straddle the line and I love it! Sure I’m […]