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I thought today was going to be a good day and then men started jackhammering outside my building and my wifi decided to go on the fritz. I feel like I either need a do-over or a vacation. Right now, I’m going to pretend I’m on the French Riviera in the perfect world of Ralph […]

Magic in the Moonlight

06 . 02 . 14

The one bad thing about living in Europe is that you feel a bit behind the times when it comes to films and television.  (Or at least until you figure out how to unblock Netflix in France.) I just saw the trailer for Woody Allen’s new film Magic in the Moonlight and I’m very jealous […]

Renee on the Riviera

05 . 31 . 11

I wish the holiday weekend wasn’t over so this is my way of extended it.  I love these photos of model and muse Renee Perle by the famous photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue.  So many fashion designers and other photographers were inspired by them and it’s easy to see why.  Those wide leg pants are perfection […]

Second on my bucket list, after attending a Chanel fashion show, would be staying at the famous Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes.  The hotel has been a playground for the wealthy and world traveled including celebrities and royals since it was opened in 1870 by the former owner of Le Figaro newspaper. The hotel […]

Chic in Chanel

05 . 15 . 11

If there is one thing that is at the top of my bucket list, it’s attending a Chanel fashion show.  They are more than just a runway show, they are a theatrical event.  The spring and fall shows at the Grand Palais in Paris are always over the top extravaganzas but it is the resort shows […]

Villa Kerylos

03 . 07 . 11

I ran across photos of Villa Kerylos a while back but just recently took the time to research this interesting place.  Villa Kerylos is located on the French Riviera but is a recreation of an ancient Greek villa.  It was created by scholar Theodore Reinach who had a passion for Greece and his architect Emmanuel […]