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I have donated to Housing Works for years and I love supporting this wonderful organization. When pr powerhouse James LaForce invited me to sit at his table for the Housing Works Groundbreaker Awards Dinner last night, I immediately said yes. Before dinner, we were able to check out the Design on a Dime vignettes designed […]

The blue and white striped space that Miles Redd designed for Housing Works Design on a Dime makes me want to book a trip to Capri asap. It reminds me of the things I love about the JK Place Hotel. Since I can’t book a trip right now, maybe I’ll make due with a fern […]

Today was a busy day full of events including the always wonderful Housing Works Design on a Dime. Each year designers create room vignettes full of donated furniture, art, and accessories to benefit Housing Works, the non-profit charity helping those with HIV/AIDS and the homeless. There were a lot of great spaces but I really […]

The early bird gets the worm is always the theme of the opening night of Housing Works Design on a Dime and last night was no exception.  I also think was the best year ever for the rooms which were chock full of amazing furniture and accessories like High Falls Mercantile above.  I managed to […]

It’s that time of year again.  Time to get out your wallet and do some shopping for an amazing cause.  The Housing Works Design on a Dime event begins Thursday, April 26 with the Opening Night Benefit.  It then opens to the public on Friday, April 27 and will be open until Saturday, April 28. […]

There are so many wonderful events every year in New York but one of my favorites is Housing Works Design on a Dime.  I had the pleasure of attending the Opening Night and was yet again blow away but all the great booths.  For those of you who don’t know, each year designers beg, borrow, […]

Housing Works is very popular among the design crowd in New York and it seemed like every designer in New York came out to support this wonderful charity at their annual Design on a Dime event last night! The place was packed with people ready to shop for a good cause and I even saw […]

There are a lot of wonderful events coming up in the next few weeks but the first I want to remind you about is Housing Works annual event Design on a Dime. More than 40 fabulous designers, stores and vendors have created rooms and donated products where everything is up for sale to benefit Housing […]

You know an event is a success when you have to walk through the make shift dance floor to leave. I can definitely say that a good time was had by all at the Housing Works Design on a Dime Opening Night Party! There is no better way to spend an evening than shopping with […]

Mention Housing Works Thrift Shops to anyone in New York and they will tell you how much they love them about the best thing they’ve ever found. Those who are lucky to live close to one make a weekly, if not daily, pilgrimage to search for treasures. The shops are addictive as is their Design […]