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So, we had our first installation of furniture last week at the Bachelor Pad and the changes have been amazing if I do say so myself. Just in case you forgot what this wall looked like before, I’ve included the original incarnation below. Of course, it’s still not finished. There is a lot left to […]

Bachelor Pad Update

07 . 09 . 08

Maison 21 just emailed and asked what was new with the Bachelor Pad since I hadn’t posted about it lately so I thought I should put together a little update. No, that’s not it above. That’s the fabulous living room that Billy Baldwin decorated for Mr. and Mrs. Lee Eastman. It was your typical white […]

Habitually Chic is pooped! I spent all weekend shopping for the Bachelor Pad and all of tonight at the apartment checking projects off my list. Things are progressing slowly but surely. I am about to order most of the lamps so hopefully the other pieces of furniture will arrive soon so I have something to […]

The Heights

06 . 17 . 08

I almost ordered the ridiculously expensive Ralph Lauren dresser today for the Bachelor Pad but I decided that perhaps I should double check again that it will fit through the vestibule and into to the bedroom and more importantly into the freight elevator. Otherwise, we’re going to have a very expensive living room console instead. […]

We’re starting to make some progress on the Bachelor Pad. The painting was finished last week and now we’re onto buying furniture. While waiting for some of it to be delivered, I’ve been keeping busy with little projects including fixing up the bathroom. I bought new towels and accessories, took down a mis-placed towel bar, […]

I hate choosing paint colors. I think it’s the hardest part of design. I’ve had a lot of people email for paint color recommendations and I always tell them that paint looks different in every space and in different light and at different times of the day. It’s really a crap shoot and on my […]

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am very particular about the photos I post on my blog. So, it pains me to see the “before” photos of my friend’s bachelor pad posted before I have any “after” photos to share. But everyone has been asking for them so I thought I might […]

Bachelor Pad

05 . 06 . 08

My friend finally asked me to help him decorate his apartment recently and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been mentally redecorating his place since I first saw it a few years ago so it’s not going to be that hard since I already have a plan in my head! I had to show him […]