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Thirty Pairs of Chic Statement Earrings for Fall

by habituallychic

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I was happy to see statement earrings on the Spring 2024 fashion week runways so I could feel confident that my purchases would still be in style next year. That also means you can feel assured if you want to add a pair or two or four to your wardrobe to update your look. They are the perfect complement to heavier fabrics like chunky cashmere sweaters and wool coats, as well as black evening clothes.

When I wear my statement earrings, I usually wear my Khaite Julius Earrings with the black Banana Republic Merino Turtleneck and matching Merino Wool Skirt on rainy days when my hair is pulled back. If I wear a top or sweater with an open neckline and/or my hair is down, then I wear a smaller gold Layered Stud Earrings pair.

I was at the NY Film Festival one night wearing the Khaite Julius Earrings and a guy made a point to say hello and talk to me and another time, my Uber driver actually turned around to talk to me. I told my colorist that it had to be the earrings. She thought it was funny that I thought it was the earrings and not me but perhaps statement earrings make you look approachable or maybe they are just big and shiny which get you noticed. I need to do more experiments.

The original statement earring was the Bottega Veneta Drop Earrings that I first saw on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in late September 2022. The Bottega Dupe Earrings I posted in August 2023 were one of the most purchased items with great reviews. Everyone who has bought them has love them. They also come in silver and other colors including Merlot that Kendall Jenner wore to her sister Kim’s birthday this weekend. I had already bought a Bottega Merlot Dupe with the gold top but they are sold out but you can find more here. I can’t speak to the weight of the Bottega Veneta Drop Earrings but the dupes are very light. They come in small and large sizes There is also a new style with carnelian stones on them that Sofia Richie Grainge was recently seen wearing.

I tried my hardest to find a dupe of the Khaite Julius Earrings but couldn’t so I decided to treat myself to the originals. The reason I like them is because the post sits in the middle of the earring so they sit up higher on your lobe. The earrings that looked somewhat similar had a post at the top of the earring and so you could see them dragging the hole down from the weight of the earring.

Earrings with a similar look are the Ribbed Post Earrings , Wave Earrings seen on Hailey Bieber, and Ridged Post Earrings.

I also really like the Curved Ridged Post Earrings and the Sculptural Hoops.

Then there is the knot earrings that really should be called door knockers since that’s what they resemble. The top left are 18K-Gold-Plated Drop Earrings. I actually bought the Smaller Knot Earrings on the upper left in 2021 so I was ahead of the trend. They are smaller so you could wear them to the office.

The bottom left are Mini Knot Earrings that are also available in a larger size. The bottom right Triple Knot Earrings are another great option.

Then you have multiple variations of the hoop. Hailey Bieber is wearing the Saint Laurent Square Triple Hoop Earrings. Top right are rectangular 14kt Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings.

I own the Layered Stud Earrings, second pair down on the left, that remind me of macaroni but they are a small size that are perfect for every day wear. I also really like that they are a mirror image of each other so they are symmetrical on my ears. I bought one other pair that was the same for both ears and they looked good on one ear but not the other.

The Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings are another chunky option.

The bottom left Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings are often referred to as chain hoops. The bottom right Oval Hoop Earrings are a good reasonably priced option.

As I mentioned above, Sofia Richie Grainge was seen wearing the Bottega Veneta Drop Earrings with Carnelian Stones recently and studded earrings are becoming more popular.

The 18K-Gold-Plated, Imitation Opal and Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings are small and chic. There is also plain 14K-Gold-Plated Hoop Earring if you want a more subtle option.

Add a little color to your fall with the Gold-Tone Crystal Earrings or Embellished Hoop Earrings.

Button earrings popular in the 1980s are also making a come back this fall. Hailey Bieber was seen wearing the Vintage Inspired Coco Earrings a few times. The Oval Wine Earrings are also vintage inspired.

The Vintage Inspired Cabochon Earrings in Metal and Velvet are large so make sure you check the dimensions before you purchase any of these pairs.

The Green Stone Earrings are another great inexpensive option.

A chunky molten or sculptural metal earring look is also one to think about.

The Dries Van Noten Textured Earrings are the jumping off point.

The Silver Abstract Earrings on the left also come in gold and remind me a little of raisons.

I actually bought the gold Chunky Hammered Stud Earrings that also come in silver. They are an inexpensive way to try the look.

I also bought the bottom Textural Gold Earrings as another option.

I hope you give sculptural earrings I try this fall.