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Summer Skincare for Face and Body

by habituallychic

06 . 05 . 23

I missed posting my winter skincare earlier this year so I’m skipping straight to summer. I’m going to walk you through everything I’m using from products to devices to the treatments I can’t live without to get you ready to put your best face and body forward this summer.

I can’t quit this Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Brightening and Exfoliating Daily Cleanser. It’s great at cleansing and taking off makeup without making my face feel dry. I could probably use something lighter in the morning but I use it night and day. Also, don’t let anyone ever tell you not to use cleanser in the morning. You sweat during the night. You sleep on your dirty hair. You probably only wash your pillowcase once a week. All things that could break out your skin so I highly recommend washing with some kind of cleanser in the morning.

I also still use Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion Toner which I’m sure beauty gurus will scoff at but it works for me. I want to live out my chic French girl dream and use the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 or the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM 400 which I actually bought in Paris but I don’t know if they are for me. Maybe I’ll do an experiment and try again. I also bought the Masque Vivant which smells so bad I thought I was going to barf the first time I used it but some of my friends swear by it.

My skin has been very clear lately so I haven’t used the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion but I like having it on hand just in case.

If there is only one product that you take away from this post, let it be the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream. I should probably look up how it works because I don’t know but I do know that my skin has been happy and hydrated and looking good since I started using it again in 2021. I buy it at the Augustinus Bader store at the Palais Royal in Paris where there is a price difference with the exchange rate and VAT refund but it’s currently on sale right now at Saks. Most of the time, this is all I use at night.

When I was in Paris in April, I decided to splurge on the Augustinus Bader Serum. You don’t need the fancy container. Just buy the refill. I use it before the Rich Cream for an extra dose of hydration and wrinkle fighting incredients. One of my friends said that my skin looked amazing last week at lunch so I guess it’s all working.

For extra hydration, I use The Feelist Radiant Facial Oil that I found from my friend Ana Mari Ortega. I use slightly less in summer than winter but it’s great year round for extra radiance. I try not to use it at night but occasionally I will my skin will be incredibly soft in the morning. It’s especially helpful for dry New York apartments in the winter.

My doctor recommended this Neocutis Lumière Firm Riche Illuminating and Tightening Eye Cream that targets dull and aging skin surrounding the eyes. I really see a difference when I run out and use another product.

My European skin type is prone to hyperpigmentation and it happens even when I don’t go in the sun so I’m convinced that my computer and phone and contributing to the problem. Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops protect and combat the oxidation and inflammation caused by pollutants against “air pollution and blue light radiation emitted from our computers and phones that degrade skin barrier function and cause skin and health disorders.” I’m not always good at remembering to use them in the morning but I’m going to start using them daily and see if I notice a difference on my face and hands.

France makes much better sunscreens than the US and I always stock up on La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50 Mineral Tinted Sunscreen when I’m in Paris. The tint helps so you don’t get that white mask look after applying. Please note, you should be using sunscreen on sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, on a plane, everywhere.

I often forget to use my Revitabrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner but I’m going to get back on track with this too because it really does work. You need to be patient because it does take four weeks which is the growth cycle of the hair.

As I mentioned, my skin has been behaving quite well lately so I haven’t used this Mario Badescu Healing Powder but it’s great if you have a spot or redness. Use a Q-Tip and dab the powder on the spot. The best thing is that it can be used over makeup and really hides them.

The By Terry Baume de Rose Crystalline Liquid Lip Balm is in every bag and pouch I own because I love it so much. It’s great for traveling or just adding a shine without color on the go. I use the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in vanilla before bed with clean hands. I highly suggest not using any products with your fingers when you are out or on a trip. It’s not hygienic and you don’t want to get sick while you are away. If I have dry flaky skin, I use the La Mer Lip Polish Exfoliating Balm.

I was using this Sunday Riley Sleeping Night Oil every night but now I use it once or twice a week when I need a boost. It is blue and will rub off on your pillowcase so you may want to be careful but it does wash out.

One of my long time hero products in Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing Mask. I try to use it Sunday night and the night before any important event. It softens my skin and helps to exfoliate but I always follow it up with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant for extra exfoliating and radiant skin.

You have to be careful to not scrub your skin too hard or over exfoliate because you can cause micro-tears to your skin which will defeat the purpose of all your other skincare products.

At Mario Badescu, I usually get the gold mask as an add on and use the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift and Firm at home. I just bought another gold modeling mask similar to the one I get at Mario Badescu but I want to use it first before I post it in case it’s not good.

I try to use Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel one every week or two when my skin is looking a little dull.

I’ve never met a skincare gadget or device that I didn’t want to immediately try and I have actually used all of them. I still use the NuFace Mini but not every day like I have in the past. I might try to get back on track with it again but I use it with clear aloe gel because I feel like their gel breaks out my skin. I prefer the NuFace because the nodes really allow you to dig into your cheek bones and jawline which is why I prefer it to the Ziip but the Ziip has recently updated their technology so maybe I’ll try it again.

The TriPollar STOP Vx is expensive but it has two technologies in one device. It features third generation Radio Frequency (RF) technology with ELV to reduce lines and wrinkles, lift and tone the jawline area and improve overall skin texture. I need to get back to using it more often as well because I did see a difference when I was on top of my devices.

A less expensive option is the NEWA RF Wrinkle Reduction Device which I also saw a difference with when I was using it more regularly.

One thing to make sure is that you are thoroughly cleaning the heads on all your skincare devices. My doctor recommended using alcohol wipes on them to prevent creating another skin issue.

I can’t decide if the LYMA Laser Starter Kit was the best or worst thing I’ve ever purchased. I definitely bought into the hype and the before and after photos but everyone who buys it will tell you that they don’t use it enough. The thing I like is that you can use it over your regular skincare products and you don’t need to use a conductor gel like RF. They say it’s clinical grade LED that is 100 times stronger than any other LED light so I should be using it more often. I will try again and get back to you.

I will say that I used it after my Clear and Brilliant laser in February along with the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream and had the best result ever after a laser so maybe there is something to it. More on this below.

I have two LED face masks but it’s hard to wear them and multi-task. And by multi-task, I mean look at your phone and scroll on Instagram which is why I ordered the Marmur Medical MMSphere2Go. I have used this LED device the most of any other device in my arsenal. I sit it on my side table in the morning and go through all the colors when I check my emails and work on blog posts. I highly recommend this one.

I’ve been getting facials at Mario Badescu since I moved to New York and seeing Leah specifically for almost 18 years. A European facial is only $65 which makes it one of the best bargains in the city. Even if you add on another mask or treatment, it usually only end up costing $100 total or slightly more which is still a great deal. I try to get a facial at least once a month and lately I’ve been adding on a massage which is $80 which is another unbelievable deal in NYC.

In between Mario Badescu and a dermatologist is Oni Skincare where I get customized facials with special products and lasers. She’s really great at addressing your skin concerns and wants you to look and feel your best. She’s been tackling my hyperpigmentation and I can’t wait for my next appointment in two weeks.

Summer is the worst time to get lasers because you are just going to ruin all the hard work if you go out and forget to wear sunscreen. But it’s a good time to discuss your skin goals with your doctor and make a plan for the fall. I still get a Clear and Brilliant laser three times a year but I might move up to the Halo in the winter when I can find a week of downtime since it is more intense.

I always say that I’m not trying to look younger but I also definitely don’t want to look older. I do what works for me to stay looking refreshed and radiant and not like I actually did anything. Although, I’m telling you all my secrets.

I really don’t like Botox and any amount in my forehead will push my eyebrows down and thus my upper eyelids which makes me look tired so I abstain. I do get filler as needed in my cheeks and under my eyes but I feel like getting lasers on a regular basis has made me need it less often since lasers build collagen.

The last two times I’ve had a laser, I’ve used the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream after since it was developed as a burn cream and I was amazed at the results. A less expensive option is the Avène Cicalfate Post Procedure emulsion but I think they call it Restorative Protective Cream now.

At day three or four after a laser, I use the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer to help sloth off the dry skin. I will also use it before big events when I want a glow.

My dry brushing practice with the Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush has gone by the wayside too so I’m going to try to do it more often this summer. Dry brushing helps detoxify your skin by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage which is why it should be done before you shower to help rid your body of the toxins. I suggest watching a video to see how to do it since you need to brush toward your lymph nodes.

I believe in treating yourself to things that make you feel better or happy so I always stock up on bars of my favorite soap when I’m in Paris. Eau Triple Miel d’Angleterre Or English Honey from Buly 1803 smells divine and makes me so happy when I shower.

I really wish this Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub wasn’t so expensive or came in a bigger tub because it’s the best smelling exfoliator I’ve ever used and it leaves my skin silky soft. It’s especially good to use before you plan to use a self tanner or get a spray tan.

After my shower, I use Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Body Moisturizer which is very hydrating but also creates a great sheen for bare arms and legs in the summer. Another great option for dry skin is the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Triple Repair Moisturizing Cream which is the new name.

I’ve tried all the self tanners and the one that looks the most natural is the St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse. The best part is that it works quickly if you have a last minute event. I apply it with the mitt and then go to bed wearing pajama pants. I’m not responsible if you ruin your good sheets but it doesn’t seem to stain mine.

My favorite hand cream that I will also use on my body is the Weleda Skin Food that has a cult following. I found via Victoria Beckham who mentioned it in a magazine feature 10 years ago. It doesn’t go on well over wet skin so I use it throughout the day and before bed on dry skin. I prefer the original cream in the tube to the body butter. Some people use it on their face which is probably why they created a new Face Cream and Night Cream.

My nail salon changed owners and most employees left so I’m happy I found a new girl who I like for my summer manicures and pedicures. In between appointments, I use the Barefoot Scientist line of products including the Barefoot Scientist High Dive Intensive Hydration Foot Therapy Cream and Inner Strength Nail and Cuticle Renewal Drops that are both very hydrating and protect against dry heels.

As I was finishing up this post, Sofia Ritchie Grainge posted that she’s loving a neutral nail which has been my go to look forever. I hope this sets the new trend for more demure manicures. She’s wearing Essie Skinny Dip but I have been wearing Hermès Rose Coquille lately and someone even complimented the color recently. My other colors are Hermès Rose Porcelain and Chanel Ballerina. My pedicure color is discontinued and I stock up whenever I see it for sale on eBay so I suggest finding the color that works best for you.

Another thing to think about when it comes to skincare is what you put into your body will affect how your skin looks and reacts. Skin eruptions and rashes usually coincide with food allergies or gut issues. You should also be changing your sheets weekly and your pillowcase even more often if you are prone to breakouts. You might also want to use a special towel just for drying your face. I have a stack of white washcloths that I use only once before washing so that I don’t transfer bacteria to my face.

Hopefully, this post will help you address your skin needs for the next few months so the only thing you have to worry about if whether the rosé is cold enough.

Happy Summer!