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Closet Clean Out Inspiration for 2021

by habituallychic

01 . 04 . 21

I always like to organize my apartment before the New Year begins and I started with my closet in November. Housing Works came to pick up three bags of clothing, boxes of books, and some home décor and accessories. It always feels good to donate and especially when there are many people in need now.

One thing I did in my closet was throw out all the shoe boxes of different sizes and replace them with inexpensive clear shoe boxes. They are easier to stack and I can see my shoes which helps when trying to find a pair. I also store my out of season clothes and sweaters in Natural Cotton/PEVA Storage Bags. The Container Store also has 20-30% off select closet organization solutions if you need a full overhaul.

If you need any inspiration for your own closet clean out, I’ve put together some chic examples to help get you motivated. 

Plain English Design
Antony Todd Closet
Steven Gambrel Closet
G.P. Schafer Architecture
MR Architecture + Décor
Howard Slatkin Closet
Duke of Windsor Closet
Bill Blass’s Closet
Howard Slatkin Closet
Closet of Marc Jacobs
Martha Stewart’s Closet
Richard Lambertson and John Truex’s New York closet.
Ken Fulk’s Closet
David Kaihoi closet via Elle Decor.
Interior Design by Double G
Closet photo I took at the Edition Hotel in Miami.
Nate Berkus’s closet
A large portrait of King Edward VII by Archibald Stuart Wortley cleverly disguises a pair of built-in wardrobe doors in the State Bedroom at Old Battersea House.