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The Evolution of Simplicity

by habituallychic

10 . 02 . 19

Now that it looks like hot summer weather has finally abated, I feel like I can finally reorganize my closets. I love my apartment and my closets but if I had known I would stay in it as long as I have, I would have opened up the closet doors to the ceiling for better storage and access.

No designer is better at carving out space and creating amazing closets than David Kaihoi of Redd Kaihoi. Remember his amazing jewel box apartment from House Beautiful? His new home in the East Village featured last year in Elle Decor was perfectly renovated to make use of every square inch for his family in the chicest ways possible. The hand-painted geometric patterned walls and floors fool your eye into thinking the entry hall extend forever and hides jib doors leading to closets and bedrooms.

The other key to David’s homes is editing. Something else I’m trying to do in my own apartment. I ran across a quote today on The Flair Index that sums up something I’ve been pondering about possessions lately.

“Early in life you choose your identity by getting things. But later in an affluent life you discover or update your identity by throwing away what is no longer useful, true and beautiful.”

Via David Brooks, The Evolution of Simplicity

The more you know, the less you need. Unless you have really great closets in which to hide it all.

Photos via Elle Decor and @davidkaihoi