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New Beauty Buys and Tries

by habituallychic

06 . 29 . 17

I’ve had quite a few people comment on how great my skin looks lately. I thought it was a good time then to share some of the new beauty and skincare products I’ve been buying and trying lately.

I’m still using a lot of the products I’ve written about in my previous makeup and skincare posts from earlier this year but I have tried a lot of new products and procedures. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very lucky to be sent new products to try but I only share those I actually like and continue to use. I also try to use a product for a few weeks before I write about them so I can give you my honest assessment.

One of the most exciting things I’ve tried this month is Cool Sculpting with Laura Dyer at Dr. Amy Wechsler‘s new office. I’ve posted about it on Instagram Stories and had so many people ask me about it. I’m sure there are a lot of you would like to know more as well. The technology has advanced since Cool Sculpting was first introduced so if you’ve ever heard horror stories, they were probably from the old machines. The technology works by sucking your fat into the applicator which freezes your fat cells for 35 minutes. After the treatment, you will see a 25% reduction in fat cells with first results visible in three weeks and full results in three months.

I had my first session on my abdomen two weeks ago and a follow up session this week. The first session left me very swollen the next day so I wouldn’t recommend doing it right before an event. For the first few days, it felt like I had done an intense ab workout and had a mild sunburn feeling. Cool Sculpting puts the nerves around the treated area to sleep and as they come back to life, there’s a itchy and tingly feeling. Mine lasted for a full two weeks but they just told me that you could apply a Lidocaine patch if it really bothers you. I had much less swelling after my second session and I can’t wait to see my final results.

Laura said that a lot of people do one area first because they are skeptical and then come back for other areas after they realize it really works. If there’s an area that is not responding to diet and exercise, I highly recommend going for a consultation to see if Cool Sculpting is right for you.

I had the opportunity to try Shiseido’s Future Solution LX line of products this summer and really liked them. I especially liked using the Shiseido Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam in the morning which leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft.

La Prairie Absolute Filler won’t be available for a few more months but put yourself on the waitlist now. I was lucky to be able to try it early and it’s incredible at hydrating and plumping. If you’re a frequent flier or have dry skin, this product is for you. I made sure to wear it while flying recently, and my skin looked and felt great the entire trip. I liked it so much, I already used up my entire sample so I can’t wait for it to be released too.

I also had the opportunity to try a few more products from Omorovicza. I especially like the Rejuvenating Night Cream which was very hydrating. They also use Omorovicza products in the spa at the Four Seasons Downtown and I look forward to trying one of their facials soon.

I learned about Glyderm from someone whose aunt worked for a plastic surgeon. It’s a very intense line that might be too strong for a lot of people. I love the Glyderm Cream Plus 12 at night to help soften fine lines and pigmentation.

I first saw the famous Hanacure mask on Drew Barrymore and immediately ordered it for myself. It’s well known because the of way it dries and tightens your skin and makes you look older and wrinkled while it’s on your skin. Once you wash it off, your skin does not look older or wrinkled. I guess this was not clear to a few readers so I had to clarify. After using it, my skin was extremely soft but also very red. It went away in a few hours but I don’t recommend using this mask immediately before an event in case you have the same reaction.

I recently attended an event with Estee Lauder to have my skin matched to my exact shade in their new Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 30. I’m loving the light coverage for summer that also includes SPF.

I’ve also tried a few other foundations in the last few months. Most of them are too light now for summer which is why I switched to the Estee Lauder foundation. I finally tried the new La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation SPF 20 and liked the coverage but it does have a little bit of a weird smell. I also really liked the La Prairie Skin Caviar’ Concealer + Foundation Sunscreen SPF 15. It comes with concealer in the lid with a brush and a makeup sponge so you can blend it to the amount of coverage you need. I was pleasantly surprised by the Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20. It had a lovely feel and left a luminous finish.

Because of the Clear + Brilliant Laser treatments I get with Dr. Virginia Wade, I’m not supposed to get any sun on my face. I am loving how the Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer gives me a kissed my the sun glow look so I don’t look so pale in the summer.

Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm is my absolute new favorite product. A little goes a long way but it leaves me with a natural flushed and dewy glow that’s perfect for summer. It’s sold out on many sites so it looks I’m not the only person who loves it.

When I purchased RevitaBrow earlier this year, it came with RevitaLash Defining Liner and absolutely loved it. The packaging is better than the cheaper brand I was using that kept falling apart. The liner smudges well and stays on all day.