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Chic in Los Cabos: Mar Adentro

by habituallychic

03 . 10 . 17

It’s snowing this morning in New York so I can’t think of a better time to revisit my recent trip to Los Cabos, Mexico with THIRDHOME.

At the beginning of the trip,  I was looking at all the traditional Mexican architecture with warm colors and terra cotta roofs and wondered if anyone ever designed anything white and modern. My question was answered when we visited Mar Adentro Hotel & Residences. I’ve been to many places and seen a lot online but I haven’t been as impressed with any place as much as I have with Mar Adentro.

The minimal and luxurious hotel was designed by Mexican architect Miguel Angel Aragonés to be hurricane proof and at harmony with the location. You can’t see anything of the property when you drive up but it slowly reveals itself as you walk in and follow the serpentine path down to the beach. The floating natural nest that houses one of the restaurants was designed to off-set the sharp angels and symmetry of the surrounding buildings. It is honestly one of the most unique and interesting places I’ve ever visited and I can’t wait to go back.

If you also want to visit, I highly suggest joining THIRDHOME.

THIRDHOME was created to fill a need expressed by second homeowners to find a safe and trustworthy way to “expand” the use of their second homes without the hassles of renting.

By depositing weeks in their second homes into the club, members can reserve another great home any time – in advance or the last minute. Members simply go online, browse, click and instantly reserve their vacations. With hundreds of desirable destinations to choose from, our intuitive and interactive site also allows members to set alerts and reach out to others to plan their getaways.

To be accepted into our club, members’ properties must be located in a desirable location with quality furnishings, appointments and amenities.”

THIRDHOME is also generously waiving their $2500 membership initiation fee and offering 2 Keys upon approval if they join by April 15, 2017 which is a total value of $5000 just for Habitually Chic readers. 

“Keys are the THIRDHOME currency. THIRDHOME will credit members with a number of Keys for each week they deposit, based on the value of their home and the desirability of the weeks they choose to deposit. Members decide which weeks to deposit based the number of Keys they want to accumulate. The more weeks a member deposits, the more Keys they can earn. Keys are used to book an exchange/traded in for a stay at another member’s property. There is a nominal exchange fee that ranges from $395 – $995 per week based on the number of Keys used.”

Check back next week for my full travel guide to Los Cabos, Mexico too.
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Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic.

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