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Chic Paris Rentals

03 . 17 . 17

Someone asked me after my recent Paris post about renting in Paris. In addition to staying in exotic locals around the world, you can also stay in chic Paris apartments when you are a member of THIRDHOME. They have so many properties in great locations including this one near the Champs-Elysées.  If you haven’t looked into THIRDHOME yet, […]

It’s snowing this morning in New York so I can’t think of a better time to revisit my recent trip to Los Cabos, Mexico with THIRDHOME. At the beginning of the trip,  I was looking at all the traditional Mexican architecture with warm colors and terra cotta roofs and wondered if anyone ever designed anything white and […]

Lovely Los Cabos

02 . 04 . 17

As I mentioned, I’m in Los Cabos, Mexico with THIRDHOME. It’s such a treat to get away from cold New York for a few days. As usual, you can follow my adventures in real time on Instagram. “Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of […]