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Konmari Coat Closet

by habituallychic

02 . 20 . 17

I wasn’t joking around about my need to Konmari my apartment. I spent my President’s Day editing and organizing my hall coat closet. I’m very lucky to have a decent sized coat closet in addition to a large clothes closet in my New York apartment. I’ve lived here for five and a half years though so it has become stuffed with coats, Christmas decorations, and clutter. I use the coat closet several times a day and this disorganization was driving me crazy so I finally had to rectify this situation.

Once I removed everything from the closet, it was painted the same color as the living room. While it was drying, I combined the Christmas decorations into two plastic bins, cleaned out a box that didn’t contain anything important, and reorganized the rest into new baskets from The Container Store. I also edited out five winter coats that I will donate to Housing Works tomorrow. Now my coats have room to breathe in the closet. I also have room to add new coats although, I’m not allowed to buy any more grey coats or tan trenches.

The Konmari Method suggests organizing by category but I think it’s easy for most people to organize by one area at a time so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Whatever way you decide to spring clean, the result will always be satisfying and worthwhile.

Needless to say, this took a bit of time which is why there isn’t a longer post today. I’ll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled programing. Thank you for understanding.