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After the snow comes the Dr. Zhivago level cold this weekend. Perfect time to putter around your home and clean out your closet. You probably picked up some presents during the holidays and perhaps some good deals during the sales. Why not make room by donating what you no longer wear to charity. It would […]

Konmari Coat Closet

02 . 20 . 17

I wasn’t joking around about my need to Konmari my apartment. I spent my President’s Day editing and organizing my hall coat closet. I’m very lucky to have a decent sized coat closet in addition to a large clothes closet in my New York apartment. I’ve lived here for five and a half years though […]

Collecting and Konmari

02 . 19 . 17

I was supposed to go away this long holiday weekend but decided to postpone my trip until a new hotel in the area is ready for guests. So my plan is to really Marie Kondo my apartment and life which I just found out is called Konmari. Part of this getting rid of things and […]

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is to clean out the closet. I really wanted to get my two closets organized over the holidays but I was just too busy. I was feeling bad about not getting to them when I read today that Mercury just went into retrograde and it’s the best time for […]