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Traveling Chic with Nordstrom Gift Guide

by habituallychic

11 . 29 . 16

Everyone laments the state of travel these days but what we lack in chicness, we definitely make up for with amazing advancements in tech products. I have two back to back trips coming up so I thought I would share some of my favorite go-to products and some new finds for traveling. There is no better place to shop for everything you need for a trip than Nordstrom. The free shipping and returns mean that you never have to worry about added costs. Too bad we don’t have to worry about added costs while flying.
I love my Hartmann Tweed Suitcase but if I were going to buy a new suitcase, I would make it this Raden A22 22 Inch Wheeled Carry-On Suitcase. The top handle acts as a scale so you will never exceed airline weight restrictions. There are two USB ports with an integrated powerpack to charge your phone and another device when you can’t find an outlet. It even has a tracking sensor so you’ll be able to track your bag if you check it. This would be the perfect gift for a new graduate or yourself.  It comes in navy, black and light purple but I recommend never buying a black suitcase since a different color will stand out on the baggage carousel. 
I have orange monogrammed luggage tags on my bags to also help them stand out while traveling. This Monogram Passport Case & Luggage Tag Set would be the perfect gift for any frequent traveler. It also comes in pink, navy, and brown.
My dream travel gift is the Smythson Panama Marshall Travel Wallet. I love that everything has a labeled place so you don’t lose anything. The best part is the zippered currency compartment for all those Euro coins. It comes in blue, red, and black. 
One travel trick I learned from overnight flights is to pack a separte little bag of creams, lotions, and toothbrush and toothpaste, to keep in the little storage cubby. It’s even better when your bag comes with amazing products. I love this La Prairie Handbag Essentials Collection that includes the Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection Mirrored Compact (I have this and it’s amazing), Full-size Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF 50, and Cellular Hand Cream. Another perfect gift for a chic traveler. 
If you’ve ever been on a flight with a crying baby or a chatty passenger, you will know the benefit of noise-canceling headphones. Bose is the Rolls Royce of headphones and these Bose QuietComfort 35 Acoustic Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones will assure that you are never disturbed while traveling ever again. They come in black and silver. 
I own a few Celine totes that are perfect for running around Manhattan and for carrying all my stuff while traveling. But I realized that this Saint Laurent Shopping Tote is a better deal and just as chic.
While I usually take photos on my iPhone while traveling, I still want a small camera to throw in my bag when I want to take a little more professional photos. This Leica C Digital Camera is what I’m hoping to find under the tree this Christmas. The integrated Wi-Fi even lets you transfer your photo wirelessly with the Leica C Shuttle app. 
It’s pouring in New York today which is why I have umbrellas on the brain. My Burberry umbrella broke earlier this year Burberry Trafalgar Folding Umbrella is the one I’m eyeing. I think the pop of red would brighten up a dreary day. I also pack an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain because the umbrellas the hotels usually offer are too big to fit in your bag. 
One thing I could not live without while traveling and also day-to-day is a Mophie Ultra Charging Case for my iPhone. It extends your phone battery by 150% which is especially helpful while traveling when you don’t have access to a plug. I also find it helpful when I’m out all day in Paris taking photos for Instagram which eats up your battery.
Another must have for traveling is a six foot long charging cable. Hotels have gotten better about placing plugs right next to the bed but every so often you check into one that has inconveniently located outlets. This is a life saver when you want your phone right next to the bed. It’s also helpful in airports so you don’t have to sit right next to the outlet to charge your phone.
I’m not very good about working out while travleing. Sometimes this isn’t a problem if you visit a place like Paris where you stroll for miles every day but not as much when you have a business trip with much less walking. My hotel in Charleston doesn’t have a gym so I signed up for Pilates at a local studio but when that’s not an option, this Flight 001 Fitness Kit would be perfect. The set includes three resistance bands, two jump ropes and exercise booklet all packed in a heavy-duty bag. Now there is no excuse not to workout on a trip. 
Traveling to other countries means packing multiple adaptors that take up so much space. This Flight 001 5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter fits all together so you will always be prepared. 
The unsung hero of all my trips is my foldable Longchamp bag. I pack it in my suitcase in case I buy anything that won’t fit in my suitcase on the return trip. It’s especially helpful if you like to visit flea markets and antique shops. But I’m going to have to upgrade after seeing this Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Travel Bag. Not only does it unzip to expand in case you really went crazy shopping on a trip but it also features a shoulder strap which my current bag does not have. It comes in seven different colors so there is one to match any suitcase. I also recommend packing some bubble wrap in case you buy anything breakable on a trip. 

Bon Voyage!


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