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Spring Cleaning

by habituallychic

03 . 28 . 16

Everyone is talking about spring cleaning right now but I’m more interested in spring decluttering. The minimal apartment I rented in Paris already had me thinking about about an overhaul of my New York apartment. Then I looked back at this Houston home designed by Bruce Budd that sealed the deal. I love how he creates full interiors that manage to look clean and crisp. Editing and restraint are very under appreciated qualities in the design world and Bruce Budd is the master. I think I’m going to use this rainy day to get started on my plan.
bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-002 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-003 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-004 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-005 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-006 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-007 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-008 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-009 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-010 bruce-budd-houston-2016-habituallychic-011
Photos by Bjorn Wallander for October 2015 issue of AD