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As I’ve mentioned before, it’s hard to feel inspired to blog when you can’t go anywhere or do anything. New York just cancelled all large events that require a permit through September which means no fashion week or design events that make autumn in the city so exciting. I’m going to try to plan a […]

Spring Cleaning

03 . 28 . 16

Everyone is talking about spring cleaning right now but I’m more interested in spring decluttering. The minimal apartment I rented in Paris already had me thinking about about an overhaul of my New York apartment. Then I looked back at this Houston home designed by Bruce Budd that sealed the deal. I love how he creates full interiors […]

Chic Repeat

07 . 09 . 12

Today, I’m repeating images from my Chic Carriage House post of almost exactly one year ago.  Reasons: a.) I had a bunch of other things I wanted to post today but they all required editing photos.  b.) I ran across the original tear sheets recently. c.) This is one of my all time favorite interiors. d.) […]

Chic Carriage House

07 . 12 . 11

Thank you for all the anniversary comments and emails as well as new apartment well wishes.  I know everyone is anxious to see photos but my new place is definitely not ready for its close up.  Even though the owner had the apartment painted in my choice of colors, the kitchen needed a little revision.  […]